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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why Pro-Life is Communist 11 24 2012

Why Pro-Life is Communist 11 24 2012
Because pro-lifers want the ability to pick and choose from those babies put up for adoption.  That is the same type of defacto control the satanic of communism yield over a communist populace.
Pro-lifers care nothing for the general health and welfare of children as defined in our constitution because they indeed parse out which ones they like for adoption.  This is similar to the communist deciding who gets to do what type of work.  Who is best suited to do what should never be determined by those who do not have their own soul.
And furthermore if you have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia it means that many are living off of your soul and skill sets.  Every church or temple in your neighborhood should be making a direct weekly contribution to your bank account.
Those voices that you hear are indeed the modus operand of those who also degrade free societies into communism.  The voices are from those of the bible who took upon themselves the same communist right- to chose who can have use of their own skills and who cannot.  The Bible alludes to this as the Parable of the Talents and once again the voices that you hear that distract you from being able to use your own mind are indeed that of the soulless who are termed in the Bible as Satanic.
Do pro-lifers also seek to raise their children to be soulless and therefore create many disadvantaged in our society and hence the instance of many more babies up for adoption?  You bet they do.  And just compare a woman who is of the go getter business world career mentality to one who is a loving mother.  There is an extreme difference.  And often the career business woman would not even want to go through the pain of giving birth to a child in order to bring it into this world.  Just heap the money high and buy one upon early retirement.  Not to matter how many poor people you created in the process; poor people who will not be able to support their own children.  Once again poverty is not the concern of the pro-lifers; this can indeed be confirmed via prior answers to questions on political opinion polls.
As long as we have the unrecognized instance of this in our world society will continue to degrade via the irresponsible nature of the souless until our world is no longer capable of supporting life.
If you look at every instance of a person who believes themselves to be righteous because they are pro-life you will find that their political views with regard to our population are indeed not consistent with being pro the living human being from cradle to grave.  It is a way to arrogantly say that you are something you really are not.  The political views of “pro-lifers” negligently contradict what it means in terms of our society being able to raise children as healthy and independently thinking human beings.
Pro-human life means something completely different than what our pro-life activists support and publicize.  What is the hope of the pro-lifers?  “Because I have been victimized and cannot have children maybe there will be one from the stork in the sky that will be just perfect for me.  In fact I will go to where all those children awaiting adoption are sleeping in their cribs and walk through the aisles and pick one of those out.”  The real issue the pro-lifers need to address is why they cannot have children; the cause.  That is indeed a pro-life initiative and consistent with being pro-human-life.
Another consideration that the righteous and selfish pro-lifers never will address is the cause of why a child was put up for adoption in the first place. Why not?  Because they do not care!  They do not care about the general health and welfare of our population from birth to death.  What they care about is being able to gratify their emotions via the quickest way possible.  Indeed some seek to adopt children so that they do not look like they do not belong with the rest of a community; and the process of raising a child through love and caring stops there with them.  And again if they were consistent with the theme of being pro-human life they would address the cause as to why women had to put their children up for adoption.  It is the kind of logic that breaks through delusion and hence is taboo in terms of the false righteous addressing it.
And again ask yourself this, “What type of person needs to look like they are like everyone else?”  Answer, “One who believes that they are not.”
I don’t like to write this stuff but I was trying to do something else and this is the spirit extract of what was depriving me of my ability to do so; so I give it to you.
And is indeed the desire to adopt children really the desire to make them miserable in exactly the same way as the person adopting them?  In effect a reinforcement of a person’s self misery that they project unto our world?
A true pro-lifer would want every woman who gave birth to a child to be able to love and have the resources to raise that child themselves.  If you take a step back and look at the situation you might even come to the conclusion as I have many many times that the pro-lifers are indeed the cause of the woman putting the child up for adoption in the first place.  The mothers who are pro-adoption life do indeed have the goal of putting the soul of an adult into the body of that adopted child.  And indeed the woman who gave birth to that child is also a victim of this mocking legacy breed from the Parable of the Talents.
Communism was indeed started by a faction of the wealthy and feeble minded satanic that never had their own souls.  Hence they might be considered the first beneficiaries of the Parable of the Talents to the Detriment of the General populous.   Communism was indeed two people talking to one another that did not have their own souls and making machinations up for those whom they know did.  And the evil strain of this religion has swept into the United States right under the foundation of freedom that we fought so hard for.  You don’t see it because again, you seek not to believe that which does not concern your immediate gratification or stagnant and self unchallenging belief system.  What you believe in is; being the false beneficiaries of the parable of the talents.  In a word thiefdom.
And what is wrong with a woman who does not have the capability to support her baby saying that you cannot have it either.  What is wrong with a woman who cannot support her baby boldly saying you are the cause of it and may not have it!  I am with that woman not you!  What is wrong with a woman saying you may not go walking through the aisles of communal building lined with baby beds for a child like you do on a Black Friday Sale.  What is wrong with a loving mother who cannot support a baby saying to the career woman; you may not buy my child with the assets you have made your money from and those assets include me!  You may not buy my child with the money you took from me!  I am with that woman!!!  I am with the woman who stands proud and tells the rich spoiled feeble minded woman; there is something you are not going to have in this world!  There is something you can’t ever have!
And of course to the contrary if we get the Kings sword out and proceed to cut the born baby in two the real mother will come to the forefront or be the one crying.  And the Bible does indeed tell us that it is the mother that gave birth to the child doesn’t it!  It isn’t the one who wanted to take it!  She would have the mentality of putting that one back in the water like a fish she cared not to clean, eat or put on the trophy wall and look for the opportunity to take another one.   And that is indeed the same process she uses to find a mate in this world.  This paragraph does indeed make the distinction of child that have already been born from those conceived.  Now there is an interesting word conceived!  Which brings up the question do some soulless and evil money career women conceive that a woman should be raped so that they can have the resultant child.  That is indeed consistent with my belief of those who care very little for the health and general welfare of all children in this country.  And it is indeed consistent with the same mocking narrator’s voice in the parable of the talents.
You might not like this type of writing but I feel that it lends a hidden perspective that is lacking in our world.  “That which does not know what it is.”

Oh, and have I made it perfectly clear to you that the voice of the woman from the parable of the talents is indeed the source of all communism, a threat to our freedom and the safety of our earth?

We gave her what she was not supposed to take and then she immediately wanted something else she was not supposed to have either.  She will always want what she cannot have because of what she does not have- her own human soul formed through one on one parental attention and teachings of personal responsibility; and that is indeed the source of her unhappiness.  That is the reason that she cannot be happy and it needs to be addressed.  And it should not be addressed from the point of view that she needs to form an attachment to anothers' baby because she can not live with her own self!

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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