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Monday, November 12, 2012

You’re a Mean Tar Baby 11 12 2012

You’re a Mean Tar Baby 11 12 2012
I just heard on the radio that if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day for a year you have a quart of tar in your body from it.  You can only get rid of ½ of a quart of it a year. 
What does a quart of tar in your body do to the developing fetus or your sperm or egg?  No-one is going to tell you why you can’t think for yourself because they are afraid to!
So we might not be able to outright ban commercial cigarettes sales in this country.  Although as President of this country I would interpret the constitution as giving me the right to do so!  There are indeed many provisions in it that state the spirit and intent of it as being to protect the people.  We know that it is bad for us.
You have to ask yourself what responsible business or corporation in a community would sell it?  Wouldn’t a major national chain do better if they made it their motto not to sell it?  It would sure give them a sense of renewed integrity.  What grocery store would sell it along with your food; just think about it, it is ridiculous!  What corner store in the inner city would sell it?  What good does it do the inner city community?  And here is the kicker that should make you sick; what pharmacy would sell it?  If indeed a pharmacy exists to sell products to make you get better from being sick why do they sell cigarettes?  What integrity is that?  You have to seriously question every other single item on any shelf that pharmacy sells!!!!!  And then we get to the FDA and ask them the exact same question!!!!  They do not hold up to it either do they!  So maybe it is too late for you to care about anyone else and how the future of this country goes from today.  But what about your children?  So you don’t have any?  What about children in this world who might be born like you?  Don’t you even care for the future of children who would be born to live a similar demographic life like you did?
So we can’t ban it because for some reason there are lawyers who can argue that the Constitution means contrary to what it does.  Maybe we can take away the corporate charter of every corporation that sells it?  When the government first started issuing corporate charters a company had to prove that the corporation status benefited the public in some way.  So we have a whole bunch of Corporations that do not benefit the public; they need to go!  Plain as day they do not belong here!  And you would have to have the brain of a lizard to believe or be convinced of an argument to the contrary of that.
I find it very funny that the Catholic Church can weigh in on pro-life.  But not on tobacco sales?  A lot of my teachers, priests and nuns smoked cigarettes.  Many still do!  So they are okay with babies born with birth defects?  What kind of a pretense is that?  It reads like this, “I want to be sure to smoke a pack a day so that I have a quart of tar in my body when I decide to conceive with my opposite sex partner.”  That is how damn dumb they are.  I only bring up the Roman Catholic Church because they did not say anything about pot being de-facto legalized in two states.  Maybe if they had kept their cloaks out of politics altogether they would not have distracted the public from the real and important issues.  But then again the Roman Catholic Church is based in Italy that same country as the good ole mafia is based in.  And what will we likely get at church some day in the near future if everything goes as planned; a good ole joint.  I would probably think about killing you if you tried to push narcotics on me or a family member.  But I can’t because for some reason I do not have that right.  I don’t have the right to protect my community from the likes of filthy pushers?  I don’t have the right to protect my country from the likes of those.  And of course once a person is easily hooked on narcotics their lives change for the better for a very long time don’t they?  They go straight up hill on that ladder to success.  They gain so many oh so good friends don’t they!  Actually some do don’t they?  For some reason that does not seem to be the way it should be; but I am starting to question my contrary belief as being something that the DSM3 published by the pharmaceutical industry and approved by the FDA might find me needing of being forcefully medicated so that I no longer have any enjoyment in life and eventually die that way!  Nice people that live in this country right?  Loops I did it again didn’t I.
Now here is some more good ole hate speech to round off this article: “You’re a mean tar baby!”
How about some more hate speech, “Leave my country you mean tar baby!”
Just imagine the opportunity we would have to plant fruits and vegetables in those tobacco acres; the green possibilities are endless.
And when God said that your body belongs to the holy spirit that was in you he meant for you not to come to him with sickness that you could have prevented.  Can you imagine how angry Jesus Christ would be if he woke up to find a line of mean tar babies outside his door looking to be healed?  Healing takes something out of a person.  What if there were people at the time of Jesus Christ who abused themselves and made themselves sick just so that it would drain the life of him to cure them?  I can tell you that there would be a hand of God coming down out of the sky!  You want to throw the Bible into this one do you?  You want to get religious with me on this one?  I will tell you what Jesus Christ, a Jew would say, he would from this day forward you go forth and smoke no more!
That is what he would say.  I would say that you are a mean tar baby!
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS Why do they put tar and menthol in cigarettes?  Because it numbs out your lungs while it is killing you!  If you don't believe me try some pine tar shampoo and you will see how much it numbs out your skull.  If you smoke enough cigarettes is it possible that you can give birth to a numbskull?

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