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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why Liberals Hate Walmart 11 25 2012

Liberals hate Walmart because liberals want to own small business and sell you shoes that don’t fit and not give you your money back and then make you the pariah of the community.  In a lesser explanation they want to be subject and irresponsible with regard to customer service and cannot compete with businesses and shoppers who like to think for themselves in the stores and get the best value for their money.  The liberal walks through Walmart and say’s if I could make this store go away I could sell what they sell right here on this shelf in my own little store.  I could create a Federation of small businesses by breaking up Walmart.

 And I have products I would like to sell into Walmart too but cannot. 
There is indeed some kind of underground economy that figures out how to make things in China and sell them in the U.S. without doing any of the inventing or design yourself.  There is something going on there and it does not limit itself to Walmart.  And indeed I believe it is a seperate type of activity from Walmart.  But there must be some big secret as to how a U.S. company gets things made in China.  There has to be a whole network built around this idea.  And not only that I believe that it is Satanic in nature.

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