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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So Inner City Schools are facing a funding crisis.

So Inner City Schools are facing a funding crisis.
What is at the heart of the issue?  There isn’t a strong tax basis of employed people in the inner city to support the schools in terms of property taxes.
So where have all the jobs gone to?  China!  Or is it that people don't want to employ those of the inner city.

Lets assume the China stance.
And it wasn’t the shareholders of those companies that decided to move the jobs to China.  It was the management of the companies that made the decisions for their own personal gain!  And of course if they had publicly issued common stock it was in order to increase the net income so that they still had a high credit rating.  But what is the nature of an American Corporate Executive that has goods manufactured in another country?  Because the country that they manufacture goods in does not have the standards that we do in terms of human rights and pollution control it means that the corporate executive has found a way to cheat the United States and also deplete the United States in many ways.  That corporate executive likely pulled in a six figures salary and lived a comfortable life in the suburbs.  But where were his goods sold to?  Some were sold into the inner city.  So in effect he is capitalizing on the inner city as an asset.  Not only that he does not value the labor skills of an inner city worker- he favors the foreign country worker.  That corporate executive does not stand for the rights of the American Constitution.  If you make goods in a foreign country you are really a foreign corporation aren’t you.  And you are able to make them cheaper in that country because you do not have to respect the rights and standards that you do in the United States.  It is really a crooked scheme isn’t it!  If you are essentially a foreign corporation maybe you should be taxed like one?  How about a labor leveling tax?  In other words what would the cost of labor been if you produced those goods in the U.S?  Bang that money goes to the school system.
I do not believe that it is responsible to target other communities to pay your property tax bill to the school system.  But a highly targeted approach would seem fair.
And what of the inner city drug dealer?  I bet that some inner city women lord over the drug dealer for all the money he has?  And to them he is the good man?  How about we tax him to the hilt so he can’t make it selling drugs in the U.S?
And get serious what businesses do we have in the inner city?  Just corner convenience stores.  And some sparsely located factories.  But what inner city kid wants to work at a factory when that is indeed his skill level?  That is all he sought to learn in school.  He can be a comic on television.  He can be a professional athlete.  He can even be a drug dealer.  Why bother listening in school and what happens when the reality shock hits them that all they are good for is working in a factory?  Some favor economy fellow hires them on because he is one of them!  A mook!
Athlete Tax- So the professional athlete made millions in life and he climbed out of the core.  Does he really have the level of education of a grade school graduate?  If he cannot prove that maybe he needs to be taxed in order to support the inner city school system?  Maybe taxing the multimillion dollar salaries of all professional athletes would achieve a sound public school system.
Private Schools are not the answer because they will be based on the scapegoat of religion model of education.  In other words they are of the theory one is sacrificed so the rest learn.  Their bad in every way! 
And what are the bad elements that degrade the inner city and hence the school system?
Tobacco Management Tax
Alcohol Management Tax
The Constitution has allowed people the freedom of choice to abuse their bodies.  But once we know what the health risks are why should the taxpayer have to foot the bill for an interpretation of the Constitution that is indeed now a violation of the Constitution given the knowledge that we have today.  Anybody fall asleep when we figured out all the diseases caused by these two elements.  Why do you think we gave them to the Native Americans?  It screws people up!  You might even think it was part of genocide.
I made the point a while back that our laws need to be updated with regard to our Constitution every year with regard to what scientific findings and the spirit of the Constitution represent.  It is just a bad interpretation that a corporation is allowed to profit from human misery because it is the right of the American to harm themselves!  That is the interpretation.  But it is not correct.  Why not?  You are not allowed to kill yourself are you?  No at least you weren’t allowed to attempt it people used to get arrested for it.  So it is indeed really against the law.  If it is against the law why should it be legal to slowly kill yourself?
I totally bypassed a spirit of law interpretation with regard to the first few lines of the Constitution where it states its purpose is to protect the General Health and Welfare of the people.  A common sense interpretation of that would put a lot of these issues we have to rest.  You know a young child in grade school could figure that one out.  And he would scratch his head all his life as it is interpreted not in the interest of the people but in the interest of money and personal gain!  So many things wrong in our society and many of our liabilities are indeed due to subverting the Constitution.  It is subverted with legalese and premises that are based on money and favoritism in allocation of issues that involve money and not the spirit of the Constitution.  Keep that in mind every time you think about how one Supreme Court Justice rules on an issue. 
The heart of our Constitution has been ripped out and danced on!  (Can’t help but think of drunken Carl Rove dancing.)
Can we narrow downs school districts so that police have to live in the school district that they patrol?  Would that help?  It would if you assume that there are good men in those districts?  But maybe the assumption should be that there should be good men living in those districts capable of addressing the crime therein! 
If you bulldoze drug houses do you erode the tax basis of a public school system?  No!  Because the right thing to do is the right thing to do!
So Homeland Security can look inside our houses without a permit.  How about everyone in the nation is tested for drugs in their blood?  If you have a Social Security number you are tested for drugs.  What is the theory?  That if you use drugs you were not properly educated and do not respect the public school system.  We find drugs in your blood you are taxed to support the public school system of your community.  Or you can leave the country.
And what about the bully in class that seeks to molest other students?  Do we really want them in our communities at all?  No! That is a sexual offender.  So they get a nice label and database of pictures.  It is mean isn’t it or not?  You always have the option of leaving the country!  Rather than that you grow up to become a serial child molester for the athletic department of an Ivy League college!
Professional Athletes made the choice of athletic careers over education.  It is my strong belief that many of them should not have passed.  And what do they then also seek to do in life?  Attain political power.  And they are often hired by corporations just because of the appeal of having a professional athlete on the staff.  How many of them look back at the neighborhoods they came from and say, “I sure would like to make that part of America a better place for the poor!”  It never happens!!!!!  And when I say never I mean that to the statistically significant effect that it amounts to ZERO!  Have you ever seen statistics bent in that direction?  No another ZERO!
And what about the military career for the education flunky?  Uh ah again.  No!  Our Constitution states that we are not to have an army in times of peace.  That means that we do not put forth crooked and irresponsible foreign policy that necessitates war.  That means that the military industrial complex does not always make a profit!!!  Do you get it?  If every President that was sworn in to protect our Constitution actually did so they would have obeyed that clause and we would not have the army.  And it has been a sink hole for our national debt.
And what happens to the soldiers that come back from the army?  Many are homeless and out of work.  Not only that but for some reason they are hooked on drugs!  It needs to be a moth balled industry! 
Those foreign countries do not hate me and they do not hate the hard working Americans with Integrity.  They hate the leadership that has assumed power in this country.  They hate the unstoppable wave of Corporate based irresponsibility that sweeps into their countries.  They hate our leaders and not us.  But they might hate some of us, but not the good ones of us!  So when your politician say’s that they are our enemies aren’t some of you offended?  Don’t some of you say to yourself they might hate a crooked leader like you but not me?  That is how I think.
So if the money that went to our military was shut off that money can go back to our public education system.  But again what of those who do not make it through public education system and go into the military?  They are part of the cause of the longevity of the military aren’t they?  They necessitate its existence because they could not be educated.  If you can’t be educated what do you resort to?  Very simple you are ignorant and closed minded and hence cause conflict.  So who hires you?  The defense contractors!  And what is Homeland Security?  The end result of all of this in that the Defense Contractors and Military turns its gun on United States Citizens.  Is it just me or does it seems like pot being defacto legal in some states in this country took us by surprise like a blitzkrieg invasion?  Drugs are abused in the military and who knows logistics better than a vet?  It is at the core of what a solder learns.  And they have the general population at a loss because many of you never learn logistics!  So you have modus and operand right there.
Again Homeland Security can look in our homes.  If drugs are found in a test can we not say that person should be taxed to support public education?  If you do drugs you do not support education you are against it.  You are the cause of the problem so we use you to fix it right?  And if a higher level government official does drugs they should be out of there!  And that includes being an alcoholic or a tobacco abuser.
Defacto American Corporations making goods in countries without our standard of integrity has been  bad influence on us.  And indeed it is one that is hard to stop and the money earned goes to further the bad cause.  Like the ground of our democracy and the spirit of this country is being pulled from under our feet.  They are neither here nor there so it means a definite they are not here.  So what is the answer?  You make goods in a foreign country, you are part of that management that made that decision and profit from it?  Real simple, that is where your kids go to school!
So they abuse alcohol and drugs and don’t care?  What is the next thing they do?  They use black operations technology funded by our Department of Defense to drain the life out of people.  It is downstream technology from what was seized by the FBI from William Reich (Sp?).
So you say that a form of Democratic Socialism is appropriate for our times?  That point of view will come back to us like a sickle.

I had more points with regard to this but they are lost in the wind created by the vacant head of a mook talking to me.
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS about large class sizes being a problem.  When I went to college one Professor would lecture a class of some 300.  And it never occurred to anyone to be of a distraction to the class!

So why does a teacher have to put up with it in grade school?  Do some children in our educational system really amount to what might be termed retarded?  It is not politically correct to say.  But maybe the nature of being a retard comes from poor parenting.  How do we teach people how to be good parents? I actually liked the idea of the bad kid being put in the school prison room.  What mature and educate adult has patience to handle such a kid?  It is ridiculous.  And why should taxpayer money be wasted to fund their one on one education?  You were told to sit still and shut up!  If you can't do that why should we foot the more expensive bill to have you educated?  You sit still and keep your mouth shut.  Somehow I just knew that!  I just had that level of respect for the adult teachers.  So how do you educate someone that cannot meet that basic standard?  They don't required the spoiled attention of special education.  Face the reality you would not trust them to drill in your teeth as adults would you?  You probably would trust them to put the oil plug back in your cars engine pan either as adults.  They have limited potential because of poor parenting so why can't we just face that reality?  Why do we have to provide hope for them to become, I don't know a political leader or corporate executive.  That child's education should revert back to the responsibility of the parent that had them and the reality faced?  Or do we allow them to dance all over the desks in class because George Bush thinks its the right thing to do?  I don't get it!

PPS I bet there are some foreign countries that have higher test scores than we do in the United States that beat the Devil out of those bad kids!  And maybe it does the bad kid good in life?  Maybe not.  Who knows.  By a bad kid one who physically harms others, can't sit still and listen and becomes a distraction by talking or getting out of his seat, tries to sell yours drugs.  Good three part definition there.
PPPS And what responsible and caring parent drinks Alcohol?  There is not a one that does!

PPPPS And rather than addressing the issue as mental retardation we redefine mental retardation to be politically correct per George Bush era self serving heart felt Conservatives to be Attention Deficit Disorder? or Whatever they want to call them.  Just not a retarded kid who is also mean to others.  Nope we don't dare hint at your Conservative children being that!  Nope we are going to apply the Marine Doctrine here as no child left behind.  George why don't you try and teach a classroom full of them?  As President you had the least patience for the most intelligent and insightful questions didn't you.  I even remember you commenting that a certain reporter was a total asshole!  Romney was about the same as you wasn't he?  And most of Conservatives are either head in the sand after the event or insulting to ovoid thinking to provide an answer that has a valid solution.  Anybody understand me?

PPPPPS Do you think that I am cold hearted with regard to responsibility for that retarded child reverting back to the parent.  That is kind of implying a leave the old man on the ice policy and walk away isn't it?  I can tell you without out a doubt that our health care system will negligently care for your elderly parent who worked all his life and he will die years sooner than he could because of people like that?  So if we are leaving people out on the ice can't there be some logical discretion to it?


Here would be the theme of an interesting story for your drama Cable television network.  "Please don't come for my retarded daughter even though she just physically killed someone."  I dare you to tackle that one!

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