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Friday, November 9, 2012

Legacy Banking of the Druid Wet Backs 11 09 2012

Legacy Banking of the Druid Wet Backs 11 09 2012
Why Banks did not properly finance clean solar energy.
The wealth class of our economy needs a source of interest and dividends to make money on their money.  The best source of that is utility companies.  The same ones that thermally destabilized the Atlantic Ocean; which in turn caused Hurricane Sandy.  The whole fixed income market the wealth class relies on is based on the Utility Industry.
If everyone had solar panels on their roofs and garages the utility industry as a public corporate industry would suffer and the ability to do nothing for your money would quickly diminish.  (We would still be able to heat our homes without war and we would still be able to grow crops without depleted Ozone drought.)
You have to look at is from the point of view of old money non-working class. 
What funds the current utility industry?  Gas and oil!  And who pay’s for that?  American Blood and not sweat!  I figured out this was blood money back in 1990.  A black hole of defense dollars spent to procure foreign oil being one of the largest contributions to our multitrillion dollar national debt. 
So if you were trying to further this legacy agenda what would you do?  You would make-  investing in Solar look like an utter waste of money!  Obama accomplished that feat during his first administration with Solyndra. You could call it a fascist machination or special operation.  Interestingly and ironically enough Germany embraced solar like it was free health cakes.
And if you believe that I am wrong about bank lending and competency just think about the richest man in the financial industry- Warren Buffet!  He does not understand technology so he won’t invest in it.  There is no greater empirical condemnation of the financial industry and our future than that!
Here should be your next mocking lizard commercial,  Warren Buffet dawns a lab coat, goggles and a science manual and actually creates and delivers efficacious solar roofing panels from one of his companies (I believe it is actually a part of Manville’s (sp?) Operations.)
Proper tea and crackers versus those nasty bruit Vikings who by only chance could design attack ships that could glide on the top of the water!  Honest to God, that mentality looks at success it can’t understand and thinks in resentment, “The soul of my dead Grandma must have just done someone else a favor in helping create it.”
What was one of Warren Buffets favorite motto’s?  “I can tell you who you’ll end up like by who you admire. (LQ)”  So what do we have because of him?  A whole nation of bankers who refuse to understand and apply science- the distasteful word again being technology.
A better lizard commercial might be how the one leader of many was exempted from wearing the dunce hat during High School physics, chemistry, shop and yes- this one is going to burn like a hot iron- MATH.
In the last election the favorite ploy was to bring up the national debt.  Even though they have no idea it was caused by multi decade’s actions in the middle east that backfired on us in the form of terrorism.  Warren, you astute investor, you great sage, look up the balance sheet of the United States and tell me if I am not right.
Now I am getting off track but it might be worth it.  And why did it happen on 911?  Because the 911 system used to work flawlessly?  911 made Law Enforcement earn their pay- no smiling around coffee and donuts; no sitting in your squad in the parking lot across the street from my house and chatting to the other officer in his running automobile off the record.  If those police officers wanted to make the profession better they would have studied and learned from every call!  But instead crime, poverty, education went to he$$ and for some reason we had the rise of Homeland Security.  It reads like Arian Queen George Bush’s SS men.  I am not fooling around when I write Biblical references to the feeble Satanic minded.  And didn’t they doll up his wife and Grandma in praise of the German Queen.
Back from postulate digression. So if you do not believe in the broad scale implementation of American Ingenuity it really means you have the pragmatic acumen and predictive powers of an ACROSS THE ATLANTIC WET BACK DRUID!  THE WET BACK DRUID! That is your next lizard beneficiary commercial. 
“It makes the silk for the next one from the last one!” would be your final insurance for lizards commercial.
Digression to imagination again?  You know how a Semite Elohim reads his name?  He is the one that sat at the big victory BUFFET sponsored by BURIAL GROUP that mausoleumed WARREN Commission findings.  It is remarkable how many diverse financial conglomerates have the name GROUP in them.  What the General American public does not realize is that the first corporation in the history of the world was something called a Burial Group.  Roman burial groups finding a new talent for money by learning from pardoned Druids.  And this is validated in the origin of the name corporation- derived from latin; corp meaning of the body; ration meaning to divvy out like bars of silver.  Does that spell it out for you?  Timeline:  Kennedy dies as does our interpretive acumen for applying technology.  Circa Warren Buffets rise to reading tea leafs to make billions.
Our banking system is part of an English Monarchy that we indeed shed much blood over to send THE DRUID WET BACKS BACK TO ENGLAND during the revolutionary war.  Somehow in our history those DRUID WET BACKS have swam back to us from ENGLAND.  Maybe it was indeed my admiration for their proper speech.  Or maybe it was the desire of many Americans to be the King of their own Corporation of public irresponsibility that drew them back to feast on our freedom and cheeseburgers.
I am not threatening or inciting violence; just pointing out the stripes on our American flag.  Next thing they will want to do in response to that is change the flag to a black one!  I view the Tea Party as indeed an attempt to obfuscate American History and rewrite it.  It is not done in the name of the Queen, it is done in the name of her long finger nailed sons.
Warren is famous for his expressions isn’t he, here is one he might like, “I got your nanny’s goat don’t I boy!”
The ability to charge interest for money loaned implies you earned the pile of money in the first place.  It could be true of you but not of your son!
Islamic Banking does not charge interest but where did Osama Bin Laden invest his money?  In companies that were of the interest charging economy!
Osama BL never earned his money.  He sat back while it was pumped out of his father’s black well from this once green earth.  He was required to do nothing!  He sounds like he has a lot in common indeed with Americans Wealth Class?  I would say upper class but it is a misnomer.
No pain, no gain, is more true with regard to self education than sports.  And those who never truly learned have created a lot of pain for the rest of us.  In fact so much pain that it has the potential of ending all life on earth.
Get with it Gimlet dolt class.
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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