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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I need to know what the unfair trading practices were 11 14 2012

I need to know what the unfair trading practices were 11 14 2012

I need to know what the unfair trading practices were that prompted General Grants Eviction under the responsibility of Abraham Lincoln to evict the Jews from some ~ three southern states during the Civil War.

Was it found that they were torturing black slaves for satanic divination of the future or for pure pleasure and enjoyment?

I need to know.  And indeed do not feel offended by this if you are one.  The only reason for my inquiry relates to members of a group making bad decisions for the rest of them that negatively effected their lives.  One bad person starts something and all the rest of the group are blamed and suffer because of them?

There is some substance behind that Eviction Notice during the Civil War and I want to know what it is.  Most Americans would and should consider Abraham Lincoln to be one of the best Presidents the United States ever had.

He freed the slaves.  Any black person that does not think he was the best President is a traitor to their race.  And any Jew, who if you remember from your history were slaves to the Egyptians should also consider him the best President of the United States for freeing the slaves. 

You cannot tell me that General Grant did not have Abraham Lincolns approval on that, so why did Lincoln do it?  There is something noteworthy to it and it needs to be aired out!

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