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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to Give Birth to a NUMBSKULL 11 13 2012

PS Why do they put tar and menthol in cigarettes?  Because it numbs out your lungs while it is killing you!  If you don't believe me try some pine tar shampoo and you will see how much it numbs out your skull.  If you smoke enough cigarettes is it possible that you can give birth to a numbskull?

Commercial cigarettes have only been produced in such mass quantities since the industrial revolution made the production process automated.  Maybe it has been some one hundred years?  So in effect if you are a numbskull and believe that there have always been just as many numbskulls as you it cannot be true.  At least not to the degree that you are a numbskull today!

And if you know you would give birth to a numbskull you would indeed be pro-life in the hope that you could take someones baby who is not a numbskull?

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