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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alcohol has been the downfall of the Jews in history 11 28 2012

Alcohol has been the downfall of the Jews in history.

1.        The Pharo feeding the slaves that built the pyramids beer!  Guess what?  Some Jewish Scholars believe that the Jews were never freed from Egypt but instead worked to death!
2.       The Romans invaded Israel.  The Sanhedrin were the wealthy of Israel and sided with the Romans.  Rome has always been a wine growing region?  The Israelites went running and screaming from their homes.  And now what do we have?  At every Roman Catholic mass the wine bottle?  Just because it is the last supper painting doesn’t mean that Jesus a Jew supported it?  Quite the contrary is true isn’t it?  He diluted it in the story of the loaves and the fishes!  We never hear Jesus in the Bible saying that Wine tastes so good I think I will have another!  That painting was commissioned by Roman leaders!  It is deception that has gone on for far too long.  How does that read?  That is a pusher!!!!  That is the symbolism of a PUSHER!!!  Jesus was no pusher he was the good shepherd.  And what is the nature of the PUSHER?  Misery loves company!!!!

3.       And we got rid of alcohol in the United States but who brought it back?  Italians!  Capone!  And what good has our Italian Mafia done for this country?  Oh sure they are the biggest granters to charity right?  Baloney!  They robbed this country blind of its future.  We would not have the low educational standards if alcohol wasn’t around!  And they brought back.  They were a horror to Israel and Jesus Christ was the only one who stood up to them!!!  And when they could not get him to drink they gave him a crown of thorns.  I don’t think much of you or your bully faced Pope and I am Catholic.
I am Catholic and I do not believe in your Nicene Creed either.  The Apostle Creed is better.  What do I believe in regarding religion?  All these things that I write here.

 Qui Bono.  Who benefitted from the lifting of Prohibition?  Who still grew the grapes?  Those with connections to Italy or the Italian Maffia.  And if you say it wasn’t supported by the Catholic Church what the hell do you think that wine bottle is doing up there?  The wine of Jesus Christ?  Baloney, healers that work on Sunday don’t drink.  He diluted that wine bottle with water to the thirst of the masses.  The Bible has nothing good to say about alcohol.

The message is I can’t stand my satanic existence so why don’t you get screwed up so I feel better about myself.  And what is the latest?  Drugs.  Again the message is I don’t have a soul so you should be screwed up too.

The Pope admitted he the Church supported the Mafia.  Do you know what I want to do?  Annex and take over Italy and banish wine and grapes.  Now that would be a new Tea Party!

4.       And some Israelites went off to war and brought back strange women that they had to do away with?  Sounds like our divorce rate in this country.  Are those women alcohol babies?  No doubt!


5. And what of the Blacks fed rum as a stopping point on the slave trade route?  That is the same evil isn't it?

You get the idea Americans aren't going to put up with this anymore.
Here is a different onus for you Pope.  You have the Vatican Library at your perusal.  I need you to look up and reference every mention of anything related to alcohol.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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