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Monday, November 26, 2012

Opus Dei 11 26 2012

So Opus Dei members believe that they have been bad and are deserving of self flagellation?

Why not be fair to the world and let those you believed that you have harmed rightfully decide your fate?  Why not make the nature of your crime known to the entire world so that your punishment can be fairly administered via the legal systems in place?

It should indeed be a crime to punish yourself and decide your own fate for what you know you have done wrong to others.  And it is also considered vigilantism which is illegal to seek justice outside of the court system.

Opus Dei is indeed a faction of the Roman Catholic Church.  Let the structure of the Government of the free for the free decide your fate when you indeed confess your crime!

Don't hurt yourself for hurting other people as there is no justice in this and it indeed leads to further crimes and abuses in our country; namely by you!

You are getting very close to being evicted from the United States of America with seizure of all assets.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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