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Monday, November 26, 2012

Cooking Secrets The Best Chicken 11 26 2012

Cooking Secrets The Best Chicken 11 26 2012

Cook your chicken plain of top of this preheated pan in the oven. 


Turn on the broiler and put the griddle pan on the top rack.

My New Lodge Square Grill Pan

Add frozen chicken directly on this pan.  No need to season the chicken.

Vary heat between using the broiler to using the baking function to get just the right taste.  And make sure not to leave the chicken while the broiler is cooking the chicken.  It is a great temptation but if you leave the chicken could catch on fire.

This is the best chicken that I have had in some time.

Also eaten with dinner meal was steamed rice with an oven in a pie pan on the vegetable steamer.  The pie pan is standard tin foil with the top edge cut away so it fits on the rack of the rice steamer.  When making rice with a meal and using the steamer to make it make sure you get the rice started first becuase it takes around 20 minutes.

My rice cooker is a Zojirush it just has one lever to operate it.  The link below has a Zojirush rice cooker that is more complex.

A Zojirush rice cooker.

You will need an oven glove to handle the pan.

Oven Glove

Also when you take the pan out of the oven it is a good idea to have something to put it on like a wood cutting board.

For Dessert plain corn flakes on top of chocolate ice cream is good.

That was the absolute best chicken that I have eaten in quite some time!!!!  And I have made chicken in every way possible. The  heat of the pan helps to cook it so that it has a uniform good flavor.  I am going to buy one as a Christmas gift for someone else.

So where did I get this marvelous idea?  When I was in High School, Whitefish Bay, I worked at a German restaruant as a dish washer.  I saw that cooks used heavy steel individual platters to cook whitefish on.  I had been looking for something like them to use for quite some time!  This pan has a baked on oil finish.  It will make a great gift.

And remember if you see any amount of red meat left or blood left in a piece of chicken it is not done cooking!  You cannot serve such chicken or eat it.  So you are not done cooking chicken until you have inspected each piece and can be assured that there is no red in it!

My New Lodge Square Grill Pan

You can take a grilling fork and turn the chicken many times and it does not affect how good it is going to taste.  As a matter of fact it makes it better using this pan.   The chicken that I used was chicken thighs that were kind of rolled up when frozen.  As they started to thaw I took the fork and spread the chicken out.  Four pieces fit nicely in the pan and I could have added a fifth.

Makes a great gift for the person that likes to cook!!

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS. The other thing that I like about it is that there are no space age chemicals to peel off and give you an arbitrary cancer.

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