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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family Values Family Values Family Values 11 28 2012

Family Values Family Values Family Valules 11 28 2012

You conservatives shot your mouth off on that one and captured the phrase as part of your platform.  Now I am going to hold you to it like a pen inked rubber Double F stamp to your forehead.

If you believe in FAMILY VALUES it means that no parent is allowed to drink alcohol, smoke tobacco or do drugs!  THAT IS WHAT FAMILY VALUES MEANS!

So if you got a woman pregnant that is it for you!  If you are a woman that had a baby that is it for you too!

It can be enforced with Alcohol cards just like cards are needed for everything else.

Can you drink when your child turns the legal drinking age of 21?  Only if that child has a job that can support a wife and two kids!  And it can't be a trust fund or phony no work job either!


BACKGROUND to my idea?  Drinking fathers and mothers is lost time to children.  Drinking fathers and mothers further absolutely no profession.  And furthermore you are not allowed to drink if you plan on getting a woman pregnant or having sex with one.  Why not?  The risk is too great!

I have read and written enough of that Living God from the Bible stuff.  Enough is enough.  Baloney Baloney Baloney .  Your done drinking and drugging.

>>>>Deck of Cards and Shuffler<<<<

You get to clear that head sober up and raise your children to be good people.  You get to raise children to be capable and resourceful.

I have completely had it with the American mentality of today. 

So you are parent who doesn't want to work?  I can't drag with a rope but I can keep you from escaping the true potentional of your life can't I?

So you have problems in the workplace with coworkers and like to drink to relax?  No more enough.  You get to solve those problems at work in a manner consistent with our Constitution and laws.  Enough of you who subvert our legal system.  Enough!

So you drink and get fat?  Enough of that idle hangover time.  You get to walk around the house in circles until you pick up a book and read and learn?

Good God you say you can't read?  I am too late already aren't I!

You shot your mouth off and now I am going to have to explain to you the meaning of the words that you said!!!!!

You thought I would forget?  No!  You get to be respectful parents.

Oh and you cannot adopt children and drink either.  Your done too.

I will let you play cards with your family though.

>>>>Deck of Cards and Shuffler<<<<

Oh and about your religion??  No more wine there either.  I put five dollars in the basket at the Catholic Law School Church in Milwaukee and what does the priest do with it?  He buys a pack of cigarettes at the corner drugstore!  Enough!

>>>>Right Here Budy Right Here Budy<<<<<<<

Or this one

>>>>>Thats it buddy right here Thats it buddy right here<<<<<

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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