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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crucifixion 11 07 2012

Crucifixion 11 07 2012

So if the Crucifixion was the greatest thing in the history of religion because Jesus Christ died for all of our sins...Wait a minute his death did not prevent anyone from sinning after he died.  So would it not be a better idea to crucify those who are actually sinning? 

Did everybody get out of prison when the put Jesus Christ on the Cross? 

I mean if it was such a great thing to do in order to forgive everyone of their sins, then because more people are still sinning should we not bring that great thing back?

The Romans did not believe he was a God, the Jews did not believe he was a God, so who is it that started the religion and what was the motivation?

I mean if he died for our sins are we supposed to believe that we can do whatever we want and we will be absolved from sin?  Baloney!!!  That is not how society works and that is not how a society can be maintained.  It is like an infinite supply of get out of jail free cards!

What parent would ever say to his child after church, "You heard what the priest said,  Jesus Christ died for your sins.  No matter what you do in life you will be forgiven of sins."    I see how the Church got so many members!  Does this belief indeed foster the criminal mind?  A criminal mind would not care what it did if it believed this whereas someone who is taught to be responsible and think for themselves would never adhere to this belief!!!!!!  Never!!!

Maybe I did not like the tone of voice of a religious figure and that is why I wrote this.  Maybe it is because I don't need to hear that voice!

Jesus himself said, "Go forth and sin no more."  He did not say, "It is okay for you to sin because my lifelong plan is to die on the cross for you!"

So if I have to question this Catholic belief I also have to question every other single Catholic belief.

What is this really?  A religion as a basis for freedom from being guilty for crime?  When I put it that way it sounds more like a gang doesn't it!  Can you here the boy's at the Bowery?  If we go to church every week we will never have to go to jail?

And when you indeed look at the Catholic Church and how it has funeral services and you also compare it to the burial groups in Rome that were the first corporations you make a connection in time and place!  A burial group needed a nice place to make the burials official?  An official burial in a place with a steeple and who is to complain.  You also make a connection between the Catholic Church and limited liability in that saying Jesus Christ died for your sins limits you from being liable in terms that- you will be saved because of it.  And indeed the Burial Group or Corporation also granted itself limited liability.  Why does a Burial Group need limited liability?  Because they are killing people and burying them for money!  And if you indeed believe that the Druids, that the Romans partially concurred, could divine the future via torturing and killing someone then you indeed see the rise of the sum certain predictive power of the financial industry.  You also see the rise of the life insurance, catastrophe, health, and sports betting, etc.

This is human  demonization, torture and sacrifice for money.  And indeed their is a photo where a religous figure is standing with Hitler and the figure looks very evil.  Not only that Marconi was an Italian fascist, part of the Axis in WWII and he bragged to the Pope during WWII how he could harness the power of Gods.  Marconi's work was indeed in radio waves, also known as the magnetic spectrum.  We only learned through Colonel John Alexander in 1991 that the military had developed synthetic telepathy or the ability to give a person schizophrenia!!!!  I believe that Marconi, who was like Hitler, likely discovered it before WWII.  It would be very easy to do.  Experiment with voice attenuated magnetic waves until you affect the electrical synapses in a persons brain and in effect create a radio receiver out of their skull!  Nice people the satanic are.  Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world and it is indeed implemented by those who the Bible and Jesus Christ described as not having a soul; satanic.  The term for them during WWII was Nazi or Fascist.  The reason it likely occurred in Germany was because it was a big beer drinking nation and when you drink beer do you also create the subtle genetic defect that offspring do not form their own soul.  Ie. their brain wave is altered at conception and birth to create a person that lives in desperation? 

Sometimes I look at the Bible and view it as a Kings way to get away with Satanic acts!  Kings or leaders should never be of the Satanic or soulless mind.  What am I talking about when I keep saying soulless?  I am directly implying that they hear the thoughts of others as they seek to form their soul in emulation of them.  Then when they have indeed learned all they want to from that person they make them sick with the attrition force of many voices; round the clock scheduled on a close range Marconi transmitter?  No joke a man was indeed arrested in Milwaukee for using just such a device to drive a Jewish couple out of their minds.  I saw one that is being used to drive me out of my mind, but what legal recourse do I have?  If the persons that I seek counsel from are indeed Satanic then I could be the one in trouble for professing such an unsound belief; not going to happen.  It has to work that the other side, or law enforcement gets this one right! It is a deep rooted crime!  And an entire blight on a once great nation that lead with integrity!

And when did Ireland become the big beer drinking nation it is? 

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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  1. So your counterargument might be that no good information is ever derived from torture? George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, Republicans confirmed that just the opposite is true. If Barrack Obama truly believed in fairness and did not just copy the principal off of my website he would go after this one.