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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cheap Golden Apple Cure for a Headache 11 27 2012

Today I had a headache from exposure to Epoxy fumes.  I have learned to recognize the nature of such a headache.  It is kind of a dull one accompanied with some respiratory irritation the symptoms of which are heavy breathing.

Instead of going for the Ephedrine type pill to open up the lungs and allow more oxygenation of my blood I reached for one of two large sized Golden Delicious Apples that I had purchased at an Employee owned grocery firm located on a hill overlooks Menominee Falls from the Southeast.

Almost immediately after I finished eating the apple I noticed that my headache had disappeared.

I would attribute it to eating apples as being a way to detoxify oneself.  Not sure of the science to it.

But I will make this my primary treatment method for all types of headaches; including caffeine withdrawal.  I often get a Caffeine withdrawal type of headache from drinking coffee to late in the day.

What does this treatment method follow?  "First do no harm."

As always if your headache is life threatening or stroke like seek immediate medical attention.  This treatment is just for those of us who know are headaches.

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