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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are British Spy's Using Telecommunications Equipment to Demonically Possess Wisconsin Drivers to Drive on the Wrong Side of the Road? 11 29 2012

Are British Spy's Using Telecommunications Equipment to Demonically Possess Wisconsin Drivers to Drive on the Wrong Side of the Road? 11 29 2012

Who do I suspect?

Foreign Exchange students at Catholic Universities!

If it is proven that this is true and there have been fatalities it is a felony!  And that felony is usually punished by Life in Prison?

Why do I suspect the British?  Really it could be any member of a country that drives on the opposite side of the road as we do in the United States gaining a foothold or knowledge dump via the demonic possession via telecommunications.  (For details of this you have to search my blogs.)  But in general the way it works is that a frequency transmitter pulses a magnetive wave at the exact threshold level of the synapses of the human brain.  It is voice modulated and the effect of it is to displace ones human soul from them by negating the electrical synapses via the attenuated pulse.  In effect the devices are used to push ones soul from them and superimpose the soul of what is often a retard over it.  But sometimes it is someone being indoctrinated into the melting pot of this country.  And to use this definition of what the United States means as a melting pot is against our Constitution and a Crime against humanity. 

But usually immigrants are ushered into the U.S. via the occult of religion that seeks to get them to gain speed in the country by overlaying there soul over a American that has been labeled Schizophrenic!  But sometimes it is done on those who are not labeled Schizophrenic or have no knowledge of the process.  Hence the person who is having their soul displaced finds themselve driving on the wrong side of the road and not knowing why.

The same process of hazing people for their soul skill set goes on at Universities. And indeed some of them are hazed to be mass shooters so that soul and skill theft is complete without chance for retrieval!

What I speak of has a basis in the Bible by the mocking voice telling of the power it has over others by granting someone else's skills to them in the parable of the talents.  That God that speaks is not a just God in fact it is not a God at all, it is a human being engaging in the witchcraft of the occult!

And if you think that I am blowing smoke about the telecom nature of this technology ask yourself who has been involved in recent scandals of an evil nature recently:  Rupert Murdoch of Fox News in England and also our very own CIA with regard to Guantanamo Bay prisoners as well as its clandestine operations in foreign countries.  The CIA uses very high tech equipment that we will never learn about.  Barrack Obama knows.  Is he guilty for felony homicide?

The technology is also being used to rehabilitate head trauma patients by the Department of the Defense.  Have you ever read our Constitution?  It says that we are not to have a military in times of peace!  There is a very good reason for it.  No one would believe it because it sounds so far fetched doesn't it?  Wait until you are hit head on by someone that is driving on the wrong side of the road and your loved one is killed.  You won't believe it then either because you would rather believe such horrors are not true.  Just look at how many crimes are committed every year to get an idea of how many bad people there are in this country.  And then start to think about what a bad person with money and sophistication can get away with; MURDER!

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