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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Best Free Rants You Will Ever Read 11 25 2012

Best Free Rants You Will Ever Read 11 25 2012
The Big three would still be making cars in this country and they would be a lot less expensive if the automotive companies did not have to increase profits every year in order to maintain their credit rating and be loaned money when they needed it.
What should have been driving the corporate economy is making quality products that last forever.  And when those products should indeed be replaced should have been mandated by energy efficiency standards and increases in technology.
I remember hearing the big three auto executives saying that they could make energy efficient cars but we would not want to drive them.  That is the greatest admission that you do not have the noggin to make energy efficient cars.  So if you can not make energy efficient cars because you do not have the noggin to know how to make ones that consumers would like to drive; ie drive the same way, what are you doing in that job in the first place?
I started talking to my mother about teachers.
I said that my teachers at the Catholic Grade School were not too bad and she contradicted me and said that they were awful and she had to go over there and fight with them many times.  Then I agreed with her  that they were awful too.  I have lived in the affluent community of Whitefish Bay Wisconsin all of my life.
I really feel sorry for those inner city kids who have to settle for the teachers that they have.  If it was bad in Whitefish Bay it had to be a lot worse in those communities.
She told me a story of how when she was a sub she gave a little black girl a box of crayons.  And even though she was a sub and would not be back the next time that she was back that little girl had given the money waiting in an envelope for the crayons.
I said to my mother, “That is what tells me that those people deserve far better than what they have today.”  In terms of teachers, police services, etc, etc, etc.
Then we got into the discussion of some children being very hard to teach and I said the reason was because they could not bring their mind down to the quiet level of being able to hear, listen, think, learn and trust.  Instead they want to be the spinning little cartoon beast.
And how can someone teach if they have been raised to put their ear to the wall of someone else’s head and listen all day!  It just doesn’t work! 
“What is teacher doing right now?”
“He/she is just in one of his mental fugues!”  It really means that he/she drifted into the thoughts of someone who is more interesting and more intelligent- in a word- a victim of schizophrenia from the satanic race.  The satanic race who sought to break minds like they are breaking molds.  And indeed has that not been the underlying theme of corporate America?  The planned absolescene produce life cycle based on broken molds?  We can’t give you that very inexpensive part because we want to sell you a whole new one.  You know what my answer is to that?  “You go live in the dump!”

We don’t need that.  And we can indeed change it and still have capitalism.  Instead of the income statement we indeed value companies on book value!  That would be the initial step to more accountable corporate behavior.  Who is to say that things have to be the way that they are?  Someone that is very afraid of change.  And who is afraid of change?  All them damn Pagans that never learned for themselves.   White collar criminals wanting to gas other people until we decided that white collar criminals would have to be sterilized.
If you say that people should not be able to drink and do drugs because it is harmful to their offspring does that mean that you are a Eugenicist?  Heck no!  It means that you are more pro-life than any fat fanny roadside sign waver.  It means that you really care about other people.  It means that you were not one of the ones dumb enough to believe that stuff was good for you.  It means that you are one of the few in this world that found out how happy you could become if you abstained from alcohol, smoking and drugs.  It means that you indeed want to be the savior of other people but not in the secret form that they would want you to be.  It means that you really want every child to have a fair chance.  It means that you do indeed believe in fairness and again- equality!    Giving everyone a fair chance is the best form of equality and that includes preventing people from consuming things that could harm a fetus.  That is indeed pro-life!  But you will not take the steps that are true to what you believe in because you do not really believe in what you profess to believe in.  Indeed if one talks to you about your beliefs you will quickly contradict yourself and then lash out with insult to the one who made you think.  I did tell you that I have lived in Whitefish Bay most of my 46 years of life.
It is not Eugenics to prevent people from drinking and smoking and using drugs because you know it is bad for them.  It is indeed being current with regard to the Constitution of the United States with regard to what we have learned through science.  And indeed every President takes the oath to protect the constitution when signed into office.  That should include a policy of updating our laws with regard to conformity to it.  Why?  Because when you fail to, you do indeed degrade the value and power of the constitution.  And what happens when you do that enough?  You create a whole generation of lawyers that does not even understand what the spirit of the law in the constitution represents.  It baffles my mind how members of the Supreme Court have got their positions over the last five decades.  From what I know today I can say unequivocally that none of them have belonged their.
So what is the Bankers answer to the national economy?  To split up Wal*Mart and make small businesses out of its store shelves.  It would make the banker look very smart wouldn’t it or not?  Ninety percent of small businesses fail within the first year!  Not everyone has the talent it takes to succeed in that world.  And Wal*Mart is both the largest employer and also the lowest price offerer of common goods people need for people.
But any responsible man will look at all of this waste driven by more profit cycle and say that we have to make products that last forever and do not need to be discarded into our environment.
For example what if the automakers were required to make engine compartments so that the standards of engine replacement were maintained easily so that when better technology came to the practical fruition the owner could replace just the engine.  I mean realistically do people need to have a new car every year?  No!  It all leads to waste and that waste is pollution!  And it creates an unsustainable world.
What else is wrong?  The oil industry has dominated our economy because natural gas is fed into our utilities to produce energy.  And Utilities are the trusted source of income for fixed income investment vehicles.  So if you do not have the utilities you do not have the absent minded and irresponsible wealth class driving our economy.  And if you do not have the idiot wealth class driving our economy then you do indeed have engineers that can make cars that are more energy efficient and we like to drive too.  Yes I am saying that we have people in jobs today that are not qualified to be there!   There is not a doubt in my mind that this is true!
The oil industry will thwart the adoption of clean energy including solar because it is a threat to their way of irresponsible absent minded wealth.
If we all had solar panels on our roofs the wealth class would not be able to get away with pretentious superiority.  And when you take away their false fa├žade of superiority what do they become?  Happy more well adjusted people who seek to believe in themselves for what they are rather than who they are.  In other words they seek self development rather than domination.  Render unto Caesar what bears his image comes to mind. In other words you made our money worthless.  Don’t ever forget that your greatest President is on the Penny and it should be considered the bell weather for our economy.  That penny is worthless because you thought Lincoln should look more like Caesar.  That penny is worthless because you stepped on the rights of people that the man on that penny stood for!  That penny is worthless because you thought it would be nice if you could grant yourself immunity from negligent decision making in the corporate world.  That penny is worthless because you desired the control and power of you own corporate monarchies!!!!  (<=Whew new one.) If you put a white monkey on that penny it would make a lot more sense wouldn’t it.  Come on out of that closet dependent minded!
Do you want to know the real reason that the pro-lifers are really pro-life?  It is a first line of defense for them.  In other words if we were to allow abortions sooner or later we would start to look at people more critically.   And what might we indeed see when we started to look at people more critically?  That a lot of them do not indeed have their own thinking minds.  Who knows why for sure.  They would have to be the ones to tell us and they will not because it is a great shame to them.  What they do indeed fear is that the cycle of Eugenics gets around to them!!!!  That is indeed what happened during world war II. The supreme court ruled that you could not sterilize criminals unless you sterilized white collar criminals.  Bingo the country that fed Eugenics literature and the idea of gas chambers in the south to the Nazi mind entered WWII and went after Hitler.  And they indeed knew that he was gasing Jews, those diagnosed as mentally ill, and etc.  But the point is that they become a lot less critical of everyone else when the light is shone on themselves!!!
Whatever this evil favor economy amounts to; we deserve better than this!  We deserve better than having scapegoats for our thinking and favors based on what is gleamed from them.  And it is indeed the Judea Christian religion.  Everything I see about it and read about tells me that those are pagans in churches pretentiously listening to the gospels and homilies when they do not indeed have their own minds or souls.
I believe in equality for everyone.  But there is a very interesting point regarding equality.  It has to do with those who claim to be different and want equality granted to them because of it.  If you are different are you not indeed stating that you are not equal? 
And indeed if you are part of a mutually exclusive group that is asking for equality are you not indeed stating that you are not equal?
I was shocked in High School when a friend of mine who was of German, Italian and I believe Polish origin stated that he did not believe that all men were created equal.  He did not state why he believed this, he kind of cowered away from answering in an emotional way. 
So you are different, I believe that you are still equal.  But how do you act based on your difference?  Do you indeed commit a crime because of it?  And are we supposed to let people that believe that they are not equal to the rest of us get away with crimes because of this?  Are we to grant immunity to a race in terms of them committing crimes because they believe that they are not equal?  So if you believe that you are not equal do you not also believe in formal and traditional education?  Do you instead believe in Pagan nation?
I mean you do not believe yourself to be equal and yet you want equality?  And indeed you believe that others are better than you so you should be able to subvert their rights too?  Does anyone get an idea of what I am getting at?  It is the rotten heart of a mediocre world of people who were never forced to try!  People who did not believe in themselves enough to try.  People who did not believe that failure to learn was indeed part of the learning process and something that one rises to overcome!  We deserve better than your influence and control of the rest of us; no matter what you believe about yourself or others!
It is like, congratulations, you didn’t believe you could learn for yourself and you never did!  And to top it off you are scared of this world and need a scapegoat because it is indeed the likes of you who jeopardize and threaten the freedom of all of us!
A Pagan does not believe in God because he does not believe in his father.  He does not believe in his father because his father did not believe in him.  He does not believe in his father because he saw that his father did not believe in himself.  He did not believe in his father because he readily saw and was taught pagan values by his father.
And thinking in retrospect some of the people that I am talking about were the best friends that I ever had.
All of us deserve better than the world dominated by false religious facades and the idiot favor economy.  I bet that we could give religious leaders a questionnaire to honestly fill out that would prove that they are really pagans!  And if you indeed analyze their actions in our world you could not come to any other conclusion. 

Best FREE rants you will ever read. 
I would encourage you to donate to Wikipedia.  Some day you might indeed benefit from the wealth of knowledge contained there.  And it would be a shame if it went the way of the American Penny.  I gave them $20 dollars today and I rarely give to charity.  I believe most charities are ball peen hammered heads.
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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