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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Ape King of Head Trauma Patients 11 17 2012

The Ape King of Head Trauma Patients 11 17 2012
So you can’ be an American idol because you are ugly.  You ought to try your hand at self deprecating humor.
Woody Allen made a mint at this.  Some of it became unrealistic though.
But how was Woody able to do it?  Because he loved himself and was truthful about who he was to himself.  He understood himself so well that he was able to formulate humor based on his own thinking?
So you think that you are the greatest person in the world?  Great people have the confidence to accept all their personal flaws as reality.  They don’t try and be someone else.  And therefore they do not have internal conflict otherwise known as self hatred.
The Eugenicists who left an ugly stain on the world were the exact opposite of this.  They knew so little about love and parenting that they wanted their children to be born perfect in every single way.
Interestingly enough the Department of Defense once again believes in Eugenics.  This is evidenced by there publicized program to give the same mind to all head trauma patients.  I’ll give you a clue they are not putting the mind of an idiot in them and also the peoples souls that they are swapping in do not have any credibility in this world because of the underlying nature behind the Eugenics movement.
So you raise an irresponsible son who is a danger to himself and others.  He does not graduate from high school and joins the service.  He ends up being a head trauma patient.  And then you seek to put the mind of someone else in their skulls?  To what end?  Unhappy leaders taking us to war and creating more head trauma patients?
Until the instigator of the whole thing looks like the Ape King of Head Trauma patients?
This is the exact reason our constitution states that our army was to be dismantled after two years?

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