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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pointing out the truth does in no way shape or form make you liable for homocide 11 15 2012

I heard the voice of man who was trying to make a false argument on the radio today.  And here is my response.   Pointing out the truth does in no way shape or form make you liable for homicide.

Let me state it in the most simple terms of civic responsibility.  A person see's that a bridge looks like it is rickety and about to fall and kill people and he goes to the top of the highest mountain and say's so for all the world to hear.

No one listened.  No one thought a word about what he said even though they heard him.

The bridge falls and kills people and who do they blame. The man who saw it was likely to happen and said so.  Why?  Because they cannot bare the blame for being irresponsible to that degree.  They would self destruct if they allowed themselves to believe that they should be blamed for something.
What type of person this is?  It is one who was reassured and forgiven for every bad thing they did in life by- their mother and weak willed father.  They grow up to be very uptight people who project that hatred and ineptitude onto the world.

So what is that type of person?  It is the evil of this world trying to define that hero's as being guilty of homicide.

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