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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cutting the Umbilical Cord to the Dependent Minded 11 13 2012

Cutting the Umbilical Cord to the Dependent Minded 11 13 2012
Why you can never be me.
1.       You’re jealous of my ability to listen aren’t you!
2.       After I listen, what do I do next?  I think!
3.       And my thinking is based on my own prior thinking and memories from my life experience.
{Addition 11 17 2012:  Because your thinking is based on my thinking and you can indeed never be me because you do not truly have my thinking that is based on my own prior thinking and memories from life experience:  You never truly learn anything in life the way it was meant to be learned!!!  Your thinking is based on mine because mine is formed in pragmatic logic.  But because it is not truly your own thinking you never learn anything.  So what do you become in life in order to survive?  An attachment to me that actively denies that it is while at the same time actively preventing yourself from being detached from me!!!]

And rather than be your own thinking person you would slow the rest of the world down to your level!
With regard to inherited genetic disorders, negative gene expression does not occur with proper nutrition and a clean environment.
With regard to alcohol, narcotics and chemicals; you were born with limited potential because of them.
As women you do not even know how bad you are because no-one ever dared to tell you.
“She could never truly be the good person because she never truly believed in herself.  She knows she can’t and therefore will never have a positive life or create one for others.”  Her belief system then becomes, “Somebody else has to raise my children.” And , “Somebody else has to teach my students!”
Just on BBC radio; Florists and gardeners are the most happy people while Bankers are the least content.  Does it have to do with numbers 1-4 above?
Being a chemist has been the easiest job in the world.
1.       Mix it together.
2.       Sell it for money.
3.       The dead can’t complain.

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