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Monday, November 26, 2012

Lizards on a Prong Forked Spear or an Origin of Homosexuality 11 26 2012

Lizards on a Prong Forked Spear

or alternatively titled

An Origin of Homosexuality

One origin of homosexuality is the desire of men to consumate and further direction and form of demonic possession that they learned as children!

They want to be of the energy body of another person.  And that person is indeed a male or father figure.  In effect they want to defile the father figure because one was lacking in their life.  The substitute for their father figure was indeed someone their mother demonically possessed and stole the soul of to raise them as children.  Hence their desire again as adults for that Utopian feeling of being someone they are not.  It is Utopian to them but a shear horror to their victims.

But when they become adults they realize in frustration that they cannot be what they wanted to be!  They were indeed not given a head start as children but instead life long ruined as human beings and men!  It is indeed that void or what is lacking in them that motivates them to seek it from other men!  But the men that they seek it from do not indeed have it either.  As a side note the intermixing of reproductive fluid leads to disease.

This is the nature of the goal orientated behavior that leads them to be homosexuals.  Think of it as a Bad Start in life leading to a sickness later on in life.

These truths are self evident.

Even though they are social extroverts their internal self is one of introverted emptiness.

And because you are a cognitive introvert with regard to your inner self or introspection, if you will, you seek fullfillment in this world via attachment to other males.  In effect you are reverting to a degraded form of primitive behavior that was taught to you by a parent of the same nature.

And I do not hate anyone.  This is just hard straight talk.  It is something that you never heard before and hence you have a negative emotional response to it.  To you it is like Mommy say's that you cannot talk to me that way.  Oh yes I can!  I have the freedom and rights in the United States and that explicitly means that I can speak out about Pagan beliefs, indoctrinations and behavior.  (Not to self:  InDoctrination is also a good word I might decide to play with.)

A side note.  Do some of those males who are not homosexuals that thwarted your advances b/c wise to your nature in this world?  And hence you send them off to war?  And when they ask you when they can come home you always tell them its been delayed for another six months?

And when they are demonically possessed on the sandy battlefield and kill themselves you absorb that energy or rejoice in the fact that you no longer have to listen and learn from a to a fatherly figure of yours think? And that fatherly figure was not under their own volition to understand the nature of you all along because they instead believe in their fathers and also God?

Am I plucking a few Harp strings here?

And if and when they do get back you become viewed like a Lizard on a pronged fork spear to them?  Essentially the same way you were taught to view human beings?

I am stating that the willful and non-trusting female mind drags the males into this indoctrinated behavior!

In order to understand the minds of criminals does one not become necessitated to learn what some might consider hate speech as a tertiary language of understanding?  Or is it just wrong to hate criminals and speak up about it?

In summary they become homosexuals because they were raised on the stolen soul.  Hence instead of forming their own man or fatherly souls as adults in frustration they seek to emulate what they were taught as children.  The desire again to be the energy form of a male without the personal development and courage of being one.

Sure you can try and make them something else to thwart the concept that I have just decried.  But again what are you to resort to incest, slavery and prostitution???

Here is what you have to say with regard to all of this, "Let this writing be of him of the copyright below and not of any of us.  The ink of this writing must never be on ust."  You know whom woke who up early this morning so don't deny it! You like to get a Head Start on my thought processes and writing don't you?

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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