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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Thieves Got Jesus Christ Crucified 11 25 2012

The Thieves Got Jesus Christ Crucified 11 25 2012

As he was on the cross next to the two thieves they continued to abuse him.  It implies that they well indeed hated him.  But why did they hate the good man?  In effect this acting out is indeed them blaming him, Jesus Christ, for their predicament.  But again why?  And not only that the Sanhedrin that sold him to Pontius Pilate are indeed guilty of kidnapping, torture and murder.  To understand why they hated him and blamed him for their crimes you have to understand the mind of the feeble minded moron; it see’s in its mind’s eye what others are doing and thinks it can do exactly the same thing.  Indeed it is almost an entirely different un-evolved species in comparison to Jesus Christ a Jew, but that is a topic I have already discussed in my blogs. (Pontius Pilate is starting to sound like Pontius Plate to me; and it sounds like it has an accurate meaning.  They call that thinking out of reference in the Lab Manual but it is really wise men speaking in riddles.  Or to go one even better “PRETENTIOUS PILOT”)
That is indeed the nature of the Catholic Religion; that some people need a scapegoat to live the life of a human being.  A nun once told that to me.  I have also heard a priest say that we can’t save ourselves so we need a savior.  Both of these points of views are indeed false and pandering to the needs to the least common denominator of what defines us to be human beings.  They are justification for crimes.  Which gets me to another point; was Jesus Christ crucified because it served as a distraction away from a crime that was being committed that they did not want anyone to know about?  Such as Israel being handed over to the Romans by the Elite wine drinking Israeli Sanhedrin?  Sounds like one of my WWII Conspiracy theories regarding Tesla and American Eugenics doesn’t it?
So here is a scene from the Gospel of Thomas Paul Murphy with regard to Jesus on the Cross.
“Let’s clear this up, you two are the real criminals and not me,” Jesus said righteously.
“We saw you eating that food so we did too!”
“That food was given to me whereas you stole it!  That makes you a thief monkey!”  Jesus admonished at which point the adjacent sneered at him.
“We saw you went in that house so we did too!”
“I was invited because many people liked me.  You were breaking and entering and again that is a crime isn’t it!”
“We saw you writing those words so we wrote them too.”

“Monkey that theft too!”
“But it is what your apostles did isn’t it!”
“Yeah well maybe they put you here too and not me.  What do you think you are a scribe too?”

“Ant Ah!  We saw you had sex with her so we did too!”
“You what!  She was my girlfriend and it was consensual with me whereas you raped her.  Monkey that is rape!”  Jesus said in his defense.
 “We saw you turn water into wine so we took some too!”
“I only turned water into wine to dilute the wine to prove a point… so people wouldn’t end up being born dumb like you two!  Again you stole and that is a crime.  You also committed murder didn’t you!  You killed someone!”
“I can’t play by all your modern rules Jesus! And it doesn’t make any difference if I do, you are up here with ust two.  Mr. highfalutin.”
“It’s not my fault you didn’t meet the standard of humanity and it never was!”
“That is not what the people have decided is it!”
“These are not my people or not my piers!  These are Roman invaders!”
“Maybe it is you who did not get with the times!”
“And what else has monkey’s see monkey’s do done that you don’t want to tell us about?” Jesus replied.
They sneered at him.
“We saw you preaching and we thought we would preach too!”
“You taught people how to commit crimes with you!  You did not preach the good word like I did!  You are the antithesis of me!”
“It’s your fault we are here not ours!”
“Blame your mother! Not me!” Jesus said in his defense.
“Don’t you talk about our mother’s!”
“She married a louse and failed to raise you to be something different than one!”
One of the two thieves started to cry.
“Blame the bottles of wine your father and mother drank on the night of your conception!  You who was born with drunken squinty eyes and primate facial features!”
“You got it all wrong.  We did not do anything different in life that you!  You got us put up here by your bad teachings.”
“I have never seen you before in my life!  And I don’t see how anything that I believe in could lead to you committing crimes!  You ain’t gonna pin this on me!”
“We’ll look at where you are!  You are pinned up there pretty good with us aren’t you!”  The two miscreants laughed.
“I have told the people to tittle.  That means that they will write what they can of what they know of the nature of thieves like you.  One day in the distant future someone will be able to put all the pieces together and figure you out pretty good.  You will not be able to pin your guilt on anyone else ever again!”
“So we gave up on life and trying to be exactly good like you! And whatever you have we should have too!  What is the difference you are here too!  Look at where you are!  More likely in the future we will be able to see into the homes of people like you and harass them from a hidden distance.  And there is nothing you will be able to do about it!  We will be the everlasting thieves that will never get caught.  Not everyone likes you either.  Didn’t you see how they all cheered as you walked to your death.  What does that tell you that you don’t want to believe?”
Jesus died on the cross.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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