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Thursday, November 22, 2012

MIDDLE EAST: Israel has inalienable right to self-defense?

How can they expect anything but conflict, fighting and war when they expand Eastward and evict people from their homes in the process?  Just step  back and look at it from an independent point of view; it is like they have constructed a portable Berlin Wall that they can move Eastward.

The United States gave that country back to them.  Did we also give them the directive to create conflict that could lead to WWIII.  Did the United States also give Israel the directive to torture in the most seemingly benign way so that America could then also torture following the lead from the HOLY LAND.  The American was supposed to look and think, "It was okay for those in the HOLY LAND to torture so it is okay for Americans to torture too?"  If torturing is not against the Constitution of the United States I for the life of me do not know what I am doing here!!!!!  WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

And is that not a form of racism against your neighboring countries when you trespass and encroach and then come with the bulldozers and evict?

I look at the United States today and I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that God is not on our side anymore.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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