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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Conflict Against the Future 11 15 2012

Conflict Against the Future 11 15 2012
The personal conflict that limited the future; to have that beautiful mind of another and yet none of the ambition that created it.
One was formed in envy and hatred and the other with human love and caring.
Part II:
When really good singers sing you feel like you are part of them; remember that.
A similar phenomenon is true with all real professions- in that you recognize and want to be part of the true professional.  Today the norm is to be a part of whatever.  And indeed the true professionals in our world recognize the real flaws in the basis or foundation of others and balk away quickly from being lead by them.  (Oddly enough with regard to the Satanic a similar corollary is true and it reads like this with regard to the schizophrenic leaders of their school of thought, “You are the only source they trust to learn from.”)  That philosophy wraps around like a four dimensional object doesn’t it.
There is a whole class of people that believe in horror, blunt strength, force, domination as a substitute for ambition.  And who were their first victims?  The ancient Israelites who went running from their homes in tears.  This archetype of a person might be thought of as a used car salesmen whom was able to convince a panel of four that he was the five million dollar best of ten singers.  (Okay I do glimpse some television.)
The beauty is in the nature and reality of true personal ambition that is developed through taking the proper steps in goal orientated behavior and not in trying to smile exactly the same way someone else does.
You might have seen how one with weak will was very quick to write a check to one whom had a stout physical stature.  There needed to be a secret fifth panelists whom controlled the stage trap door.  (And I am purposefully being vague and without direct reference to what I am writing about.) A remotely operated stage trap door, “Yes siree Bob, you stand right there on the x mark,” said the man behind the one way mirrored window.  I do indeed have a lot of negative things to say when I…just glimpse… television programs.
And just because we aren’t any better does not mean we shouldn’t say who isn’t, some of us, some… have a duty to say.  And indeed some of us have a duty not to say nor be the ones who say who should be the ones to say (and judge.)

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