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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Most Interesting Point in U.S. HIstory!!!! 11 16 2012

The United States did not enter World War II until immediately after it was ruled in Skinner vs. Oklahoma in 1942 ruled that against the sterilization of criminals if the equal protection clause of the Constitution was violated.  It meant that if they wanted to keep on sterilizing they had to also sterilize white collar criminals!!!!

Very quickly the United States entered WWII!!!

And if you read about the Eugenics program in the United States it was what inspired the Nazi movement in Germany!!!

So what kind of white collar criminals rose up in the wake of the Eugenics fiasco that caused WWII?  The medicating of those whose souls were stolen in the name of white collar crime and the labeling of them as schizophrenics!!!!  Nazi Germany and the United States have been hand in hand to the detriment of the free world.

What was likely the cause of all of these Eugenics programs?  Rich white people who heard the thoughts of others becoming very jealous of them!!!  What else do you tell your child when it hears the thoughts of someone and you raise it to; all you can do is give them that false righteous superiority complex!  It is more true today than at any time in the history of the world.

What does the about face of the U.S. policy in 1942 allude to?  The feeble minded were the rich of this country all along!  I think it has to do with alcohol and conception as well as whether a rich child really has to develop their own mind or instead chooses the path of idle minded evil.  Rich people do not learn physics and mechanical engineering because they never took the personal risks that often lead to minor injury involved with such sciences and arts.  It reads like, "At age 32 he would run to his mother with a cut finger." ( This type of  underdevelopment leads to white collar crime!)  And once again the United States turned on a Dime to Enter WWII.  (Never mind Pearl Harbor or try and appropriately apply this as a conclusion as to why the base at Pearl Harbor waited to defend or counterattack when they new Japanese planes were coming in on attack!!!  We wanted in the war because we started it at the top and the top did not want to get sterilized under the ruling of Skinner vs. Oklahoma, 1942.

And all that stuff that I wrote about the Tesla and Marconi particle wave and radio wave non-lethal weaponry still applies more so than it ever did.

The fascists and Nazis and aristocrats of the United States murdered the blessed ones because they were insanely jealous of their happiness; likely true.  But there is a lot to the nature of this conflict.  In effect those who can get away with hurting others in our world feel themselves to be superior because of that ability and it reinforces their corrupted soul.  Bottom line?  They shouldn't be getting away with it!  And what is to stop a bad person with tons of money from doing bad things in our world and getting away with it?  Very little stops them!  And they can't be scolded into being better people either.

Now that law of sterilizing criminals either white collar or not was never overturned even though it is considered a crime against humanity.  But wait Barrack and the prior presidents have not really backed away from the crime against humanity of torture have they???  Can it indeed be proven in any way that Barrack, Bush and any living former presidents committed crimes while in office?  And indeed does that sterilization law include their offspring and descendents?

I am not for any of that stuff, I respect the rights of every human being.  My only point is that my rights as a human being and United States Citizen are being violated and the Government knows that this is true!  But then again what did I write in the prior paragraph and what can I indeed prove about current and former members of our government???

Admit what you have done and it won't get to that, I will grant you amnesty.  I get along very well with most everyone and like camaraderie.  Camaraderie is indeed people happily working together and participating in activities together.  Can you think of people in our society that do not like camaraderie or that do not play by the rules?  Is it really a sign that you do not like yourself when you do not play by the rules and laws?

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