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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Conspiracy Theory glasses stems by the ear cannot be magnetized 11 17 2012

Conspiracy Theory  The round part of the rims of your glasses can usually be magnetized but not a single stem on 12 old pairs of mine could!  Even though the metal in the stems looks exactly like the metal in the round lens holders.  You would think that both metals in the stem and lens holder would be the same?  No they aren’t. 
Synthetic telepathy is indeed a reality we know that because the department of defense has told us so.  That means that people can be made to hear voices in their heads that mimic the exact symptoms of schizophrenia.  Colonel John Alexander of the United States Military admitted this circa 1991.  But it goes way back further than that to the work of Tesla and Marconi.
Because you cannot magnetize the stems of your glasses it means that if they were made of metal and could be magnetized that it would interfere with synthetic telepathy, a reality, being broadcast to your auditory cortex!
If you do not believe me hold a common magnet up to the round part of your glasses and also the stems.  It will be different!  The magnet will not stick to the stems but it will have a slight attraction to the round part of the frames.
You could try magnetic paint in the inside of the frame stems or other means.

The rate of suicides in our military in the Middle East is one every two days.  Put two and two together.

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