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Friday, November 30, 2012

Letter to New SEC Chairman Elisse Walter 11 30 2012

Letter to New SEC Chairman Elisse Walter 11 30 2012

Delink the Government from the Current Financial Industry

Let’s be fair to the original Tea Party!  It was incited over usury!  And what do we have in our economy today?  The American receives less than one tenth of one percent interest on his deposited money and pays over 12% on money loaned to him.  That is blatant usury. 

And it begs the question, has a demon class of English spy’s infiltrated the U.S. Financial Industry?  I have no doubt in my mind that this is true and it has been allowed to occur under the guise of religion.

So how do we remedy this?  We delink the Government from the Financial Industry.  In other words we do not stop regulating them we just cut off the tap to them!  They will rot like apples on the ground!

Empirical Evidence with regard to their competence:

1.       They have not paid interest on deposits!

2.       They are charging usury interest rates on loans to Americans!


This is due to negligent trading and investing that ruined our economy and prosperity!  They won’t be able to make that money without the government tap.  And that money made available to them has not benefitted the American Economy.  The money isn’t given to them just to give them a paycheck.  It is ridiculous to believe that we should keep funding incompetent banks and bankers because jobs would be lost if we didn’t.  Just the opposite is the dead on truth!


What other financial reforms do we need to make?

1.       Limit interest charged to consumers on credit balances to one percent!  Okay I can hear you already the lending environment would explode with loans to them wouldn’t it?  Just like the cheap mortgages!  The way you prevent this from happening is to cap the amount of money in total that can be lent to a person.  That means you poll the credit rating agency to determine the total credit granted via all credit cards and you cannot issue a card to someone that is maxed out!  What could the limit be?  Well this used to be part of prudent banking- deciding how much of a house a person could afford or deciding how much money you could safely loan someone.  Those determinant lending skills are gone from the marketplace today!  You might blame it on easy money being made by them!  The logic was not if you should make the loan but if you could make the loan!  And the more amount of money they lent the greater the banks profits!  Any lending acumen was accounted for in write offs that are deferred to a future time.  But it was the lending acumen that was deferred and that really means non-existent.  It is like hiring someone that does not really have the skills for the job and then hiring someone to do their work for them; the first one will never learn.

2.       Limit the total amount of credit to be issued by all credit cards to be than a measure of cash, securities.  Keep the home and car out of it and you avoid the bankruptcy of those.  And consumer loans can be based on a fraction of mortgage.  I can hear that evil mind thinking already.  It wants to create a different type of loan to a different type of customer in order to subvert this concept.  It wants to subjectively reclassify some consumer loans as business loans; this needs to be stitched up in words that make it illegal.

3.       Banks may no longer pool mortgages.  Pooling of mortgages is really a shifting of the lending responsibility for them.  And we had to have houses even though our jobs were incorporated overseas.

4.       Stocks can no longer be pooled in for investments in mutual funds.  This industry is the greatest scam in modern history.  But you would have to understand the structure and personalities that comprise the industry in order to know why they need to spread out the investment risk over several stocks.  They do not have the acumen to make the investment decisions on an individual stock basis!  If each and every one of them had to do that they would be broke!  It takes more than strong verbal ability to make investment decisions!

A whole game of loaning stock for shorting by the mutual funds is used to manipulate stock prices and rig the market.  That is the real reason those stocks are pooled in mutual funds.  There is also an issue with regard to common stock inventory and overhead.  It means that if one of the brethren has the stock shorted it will be held down at low prices.  For example if an initial public offering is oversubscribed it means that there is overhead!


5.       Brokers can no longer charge high commissions.  There is strong evidence today and witness testimony that the largest and most elite investment bankers rob their own customers.  When you rob a customer it means that you do not have the stated ability to give them value for the money you charged.  It means you did not belong in that job or business in the first place.  The American is and has always been the one at risk for their own investment decisions no matter who they use to execute the trades.  Hence no commission should exceed ten dollars.  We really don’t need the customer’s man (broker); but that does not mean we do away with the person.  Many customers’ men would indeed find great happiness by finding their place in our physical world.

6.       Ban the short sale.  What a joke.  Just like our Constitution has been subverted in terms of its interpretation so that cigarette smoking is in the interest of the general health and welfare of the American people so to have we been blindfolded with regard for the need to sell stocks short.  They do not need to sell stocks short.  I outlined a new structure called Reserve Shares that would be held by the Government.  This would help balance the structure.  The idea is to take the inside element of greed and manipulation out of the prices of stocks.  If there are not enough shares outstanding could the price be like the tulip bulb scandal?  We need an educated public to determine what they will pay that is fair.  That stock trader working for the Investment Broker can go back to live in the Alcoholic producing country; that’s what I think of you and you know what it means!

7.       Ban the holding of stocks in STREET NAME!  What is that really; squirreling away the nuts!  And those nuts don’t belong to you!  I can hear the evil mind already saying that he will go off grid and manipulate stocks from a bookie type office.  There will be stitched up language to make that illegal!  Squirreling of the nuts and giving the shells out as nuts is the nature of the business.  It is either squirrel behavior or primate behavior but it is not human behavior.

8.       Banks can no longer hold stocks as Electronic Certificates.  That has to be a government function regulated by simple standard operating procedures!  When banks are the ultimate holders of stocks in certificate form it is the same thing as facilitating a short sale.  They become an item that is viewed like a balance sheet item to the bank even though they would say otherwise in their defense.

9.       Stock market customers doing business through one single brokerage firm need to have immediate booking of sales proceeds so that immediate switching or new buys of stocks can be made.  This would allow the issue or margin to go away entirely.  Shares of common stock are the most readily identifiable and confirmed asset a broker has, there should be no delay to the investor.

10.   Commodity futures need to go!  They stand in the way of our environment and public health.  “If you want to buy my grain early you buy my grain early laws can be made.”  And they are fair to BOTH individual parties.  This would facilitate organic farming and therefore less mutated babies.

11.   Derivatives Gone!  How could they get away with what they did?  If a person working for a large derivatives firm made billions he or she is indeed guilty of racketeering and his personal assets can be seized.  It is really your casualty insurance policy type of writer working for an investment firm and the casualty was the American Taxpayer.  They made a casualty out of the American Taxpayer; and that is indeed every single Social Security numbered American!

12.   I am still on the fence regarding stock options.  I like them.  But they may only continue to exist if schizophrenics are recognized as being victimized by the Satanic!

13.   Casinos are to be taxed at 100% of proceeds.  Why?  There are certain people who are very good at gambling and they won’t let them play!  So you don’t let me in the door you are done altogether!

14.   Stronger mandated sentences for white collar criminals and all sexually molesters of children whereby the molesting resulted in physical harm.  Put numbers 12 through 14 together here and you see the devil is in the middle of all of this!

15.   Some initial public offerings are sink holes.  So with regard to issuing common stock to the public there needs to be mandated legal limits on income statement items like personal pay and discretionary spending.  If the company violates those limits they are liable for the money to shareholders for the rest of their lives.  Call that the burlap sack rule.  They get to wear burlap sacks rather than cast us into another Economic Depression!

16.   Too much money has been wasted feeding and pampering the zombie class of the investment community!  If it is a company that has issued stock to the public this expense can be regulated for the public good, i.e. per fiduciary duty these expenses cannot exceed a statutory limit per person.  I am talking about banquet halls and catered filet minion for hundreds!  Ridiculous waste of profits that belong to the COMMON PUBLIC.  COMMON STOCK IS FOR THE COMMON PUBLIC NOT THE ZOMBIE CLASS!  The Zombie Class was fed in luxury while U.S. jobs were sent overseas!  We are left with a workforce without jobs or education.  THEY ARE NOT OF INTELLIGENCE AS WE COMMONLY THINK OF IT; THEIR VERBAL ABILITY IS BASED ON INSULT; AND THEIR INTELLIGENCE ON THAT WHICH IS LOOTED AFTER INSULT!

The minds of the scheming money changer class need to have a different focus in life.  I would suggest adult educational programs in skills that are craft, woodworking and mechanical relations based.  For example what if we created modular parts that such adults could configure or try and conceptualize into new technologies?

Also what we need to do with this class of people is require mandatory adult education for them with regard to:

1.       Human health.

2.       Dangers of a polluted environment.

Our recent economy has been financed or held aloft with defense dollar spending.  This equates to blood money. In other words United States businesses have not made it on their own and are supported via defense department spending.  This only leads to conflict and war!  And a lot of that money or our national deficit was spent in the war in the middle east.  Ask yourself this; to procure oil to be refined into $4 a gallon gasoline?  -No, to book false profits for the oil industry.  And the companies in the oil industry are not even United States Corporations anymore.  Standard Oil is now owned by the UK and ruined one of the greatest natural resources the United States had; the gulf of Mexico!  The UK CEO could not be reached for comment while the well was gushing oil out into the clear blue sea water!

With regard to members of the financial industry not being able to comprehend new technology; the man who made the most money in the history of the industry boasts that he doesn’t comprehend new technology.  He very well understands how to profit from lung cancer and diabetes though!

So Johnny Appleseed America is sent overseas to fight a war for oil.  We could have met this demand for energy with solar energy a long time ago.  But our utility industry is what supports the fixed income market of the wealth class.  And utilities run on natural gas.  So young Americans who cannot find a place in this world believe in the old mottos of what it means to be an American and go off to war to support the wealth class.  You did not go to war for America this time!  You went to war for something hideous that hides its identity with false religion!

Ask yourself this, what happens when the oil companies start buying defense contractors?  Because of Lobby money they don’t have to overtly do so- in defacto they have created the same effect or influence.  And that negative influence is concentrated in a politician that does not have the capacity nor concentration to see the big picture!

With regard to competency of the Investment Community the best analogy is this; you are making a table and send your wife to the hardware store to buy screws!

When the bankers are the only ones making money and presumed to be working we are not to transform into socialism; instead the bankers go.

1.        Banks charge interest at greater than twenty percent to the American.

2.       Banks pay interest at a fraction of one percent on American deposits.

That is a usury spread!  Can we indeed regulate the interest rate spread on Americans?  Now that would truly mean believing in Americans and America.

You would swear that the banks were owned by foreign countries.  Bingo; many are!  Do you remember your revolutionary war?  It was started by Americans rebelling against the British tax on Tea!  That is essentially a form of usury isn’t it?  A 19% interest rate spread on the American is also usury.

So what do we do with the bankers?  They are miserable already!  Bankers are the most miserable professionals; that is a statistic.  Bankers we need to help you develop a physical sense of yourself and only yourself in this world.  The goal of a physical awareness of only yourself as a physical self…strike that…It means that you can no longer possess people!

We have the power to regulate monopolies!

We also have the power to invalidate patents of corporations upon evidence of criminal activity or revelation.


© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy


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