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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Profile of a Satanic Police Officer or Satanic Police Officer as a Child 11 15 2012

Profile of a Satanic Police Officer or Satanic Police Officer as a Child 11 15 2012

They hate men because they were raised to be women.  They were raised to be like a group of hag monkeys that sat around a pit and tried to see through the eyes of the hunters out in the field or jungle.  You need to read my blog Primate Psychology to understand the psychology behind how monkeys raise their young in groups managed by a few women to get a better idea of this construct.
But if you were raised by a strange woman or a whore you were victimized!  And indeed I am the first to suggest the whore nature here; read the book of Mormon.
The son of a whore!  She want her son to be something, but does not know how to help him reach his goals.  Why not?  Because she reached her goals by laying on her back.  Therefore she has no meaningful skills to teach her son and quite to the contrary- she resents he good men in this world because they did not prevent her bad childhood and life!  She is what she is and does not want to think about it because it causes emotional pain that she can’t deal with and never could.  She is often trapped with a man who her useless son will become just like; indeed they are one in the same.  She resents the good man because he was not her father or strong male influence that took responsibility for her in life.  The Book of Mormon calls this the city or religion of the whore.
It is the nature of the coward in our world and business world today to feel better after being beaten into submission.  It is not my nature and never will be.  Just think about who wills that to be between men?
The goal of the druid race was to learn from the minds of other people without overtly torturing them.  This happened at some point in our history when they learned to read the disseminated semen of men from a distance like the witchdoctor knew how to read the entrails of something he just killed to determine and indeed steal the future.
So what does the Satanic Police Officer or Chief do when the white entrails tell him that there will be a gunman on the lose the next day?  He is nowhere to be found that day.  And he for sure will not be the first one at the scene of the crime to confront the villain.  He is not a hero. 
Who else is he?  He is the Police Officer that can not stand the rookie sitting in the car seat next to him.  The rookie who was trained to do everything by the book!  The rookie who knows he is paid to risk his life for the public good!  So what does this Satanic Police Officer do?  He feeds that rookie or honest man to the lions.  He knows where there is danger and will not confront it himself.  Also the warehouse setup is where there is a great crime taking place in a warehouse and the Satanic police officer sends the good cop in.  And indeed the Satanic Criminal knows the rookie is coming in and has his gun trained ten feet in from the door because; he reads the white entrails too.  And the Satanic sons of the cock sucking whore all in defacto cahoots.
Can you imagine the boy of a whore coming into the bedroom or bathroom and seeing the white entrails on the floor?  He is becoming a reader of white entrails right then isn’t he.
You really don’t want me to believe in the truth.  You want me to believe in what you believe in because the truth brings up a great liability that you are responsible for!  You; not me!  You will never get me to believe in you.  And the harder you try to get me to believe in you the less I will.  And I will be this way until the day I die.
Real men don’t commit crimes.  Real men believe in themselves and know to work on what they do not know and want to learn.  Real men take responsibility for their own actions.  And real human men do indeed detest the Satanic because they are the polar opposite.  Real men do not get women pregnant and leave.  I could go on and on with this but you might be starting to better understand the reality of the archetype of Satan as given to us as a sum certain fact by the Bible.  The Bible and logic are the basis for my religion; not the brainless soul of a whore or her offspring.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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