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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Archetype of the Biggest Threat to our Education System 11 26 2012

The Archetype of the Biggest Threat to our Education System 11 26 2012
She that doesn’t want others to believe that they can learn for themselves!
Someone who is insanely jealous of other people’s minds!
Someone who believes a mind is not to be developed but instead stolen!
It is really ancient tribal behavior of the primitive class!  Pagans that do not give God a name because they want to make one out of a person!  Do you get it?  What it really means is that they want to make a hollowed out shell of a well developed human soul!
The Pagan Belief-  Like a wasp was a host organism to harvest and feed young!  Just suspend disbelief that it could not be true and rather quickly you realize what a horror they are!  WASP is also an acronym for White Anglo Saxon Protestant.  In that form it is really a microcosm of the Kings religion, Protestant church or otherwise any church.  Microcosms of tyrannical kingdoms exist in the United States today!  I have termed them corporate monarchies!  On the one hand you have the evil Pagan Church and on the other you have the evil Pagan Corporate Monarchies.  And many of the Pagan religion seek fulfillment in life by becoming the King of a Corporation.  Some of this archetype also seek a mal-fulfillment of a different nature as I will describe in my third or fourth article of today.
Many religions have abused their charter to the point that they should no longer be able to practice!  Some amount to a crime of racketeering where all personal assets of those of the religion can be seized!  And indeed treble damages levied!  (Here comes Poseidon!)  That would pay down your national debt right there in the United States!

PS Do I sound like I am committing heresy or blasphemy?  In our Bible we learn that at some point God does away with every Church on Earth!!!!!!!!!  So this is just good Bible worship isn't it!

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  1. PS how many of you know of a teacher that subjectively created negative expectations for children or adults?