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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Star of David 11 02 2012

The Star of David 11 02 2012
When I was in High School my Humanities professor made the comment about how all art has prior art as its basis.  I applied the concept when I took Art History in college and got an A.  As an artist I also integrate the concept into my works or indeed try and create original art that appears to be as far away in basis from any other art.
One day I found some extra beads around the house.  To be truthful I had taken up bead art as a hobby but never got around to creating much after I bought some bulk beads on the internet. 
So I decided to make a Yarmulke,  I thought that it would indeed show that I am not close to God and in doing so God would indeed leave me alone or bless me?  To be truthful the Bible says to protect your crown until Jesus Christ comes again.  Jesus himself said that he would not come again but that one more powerful than him would come but that is beside the point.
So here is how I decided to make the Yarmulke.  I decided that the best way to make one would be to string all the beads needed to make a Yarmulke on a single string and then coil into into a circle or Coriolis.  So once you do this and you have your Coriolis what comes next?  You have to keep that Coriolis together don’t you!  Coriolis is indeed a metaphor for creation and the creative force it is also present in the symbolism of the yin and yang.  Anywho in order to keep that Coriolis together you have to tie each row with an overlap type knot and work your way from the blank end of your string to the center.  And after you fiddle with this for awhile what do you come to realize in order to make a better Yarmulke?  That if you angle your way with the thread on you sewing towards the center you create a more sound Yarmulke.  And after you do this a few or more times to finish your Yarmulke what do you come to realize?  You have created a star pattern.   THE STAR OF DAVID.  So indeed you protect your crown by knitting a Star of David to keep the fabric of the creation force of the Universe together?  I like to think of it that way.  Nazi Germans would tell you to take a pill because you have something they labeled schizophrenia.
So there are various passages in the Bible that allude to David being the true father of Jesus.  And indeed if you delve into the bulk of my writing online you will find an article based on a passage of the Bible where a scorned woman seeks to take vengeance upon a wealthy man in a great city.
Did David or the mother of David archetype knit his son a Yarmulke in belief that it would protect him from the voice of God.  Oh don’t eschew me on that one either as being strange writing.  The voice of God talking to people is indeed a prevalent theme all throughout the Bible.  And Jews have stated the reason they do where the Yarmulke is to state that they are separate from God or the voice of God?
Jesus had nothing good to say about the temple of David.
The question then becomes do some of us need to protect ourselves from the voice of God because we offended or molested someone and therefore hear their anger directed towards us in the form of thoughts? (I have never molested anyone.)  But what did Jesus say or warn with regard to what I just wrote?  He said that if you have had thoughts of sex with a woman you have already sinned in your heart.   Back up the connector to the train car.  What was the reason Procula the wife of Pontius told him he should crucify Christ?  Because he gave her a terrible dream!  Are you starting to weave the parts to the fabric and rolled beads together?  Procula the Roman had the mind of Satan!  And if she did all her forward lineage did too. But Jesus Christ never married.
The history of the Druids provides some insight as to what is going on here. The Romans concurred what is England.  England actually means the land that slants upward from East to West.  It had to have been named by Romans who got tired of marching up it.  And I am sure the Irish (or Druids) on the other side of it were glad the Romans got tired of marching up the angled land?
But the Druids would take a person out in the forest and immobilize them by tying them to a tree.  Then they would stick a knife in their chest and be said to divine the future from them as they died.  So Roman soldiers come back from their campaigns and do the same to Jesus Christ as he hangs on the Cross.
And Jesus is said to be a protestor against the Roman invasion of Israel.  And who sided with the Romans?  The Sanhedrin of Israel.  The Sanhedrin being the wealthy who could afford wine.   And Rome/Italy long being known as the grape growing region of the world.  And it is right there in the Bible in many subtle forms why one should not drink alcohol.  Eve took the forbidden fruit from the snake.  Snakes crawl on the ground.  Those apples were rotten and fermented.  And the offspring of Eve had the Satanic feeble mind because of it.  One son did indeed kill the other.  And that is why God, their father, banished them from the Garden of Eden.  Satan in the Bible is said to be able to read men’s minds.  That implies that he is not a man.  And indeed what do us Jews do to try and prevent that mind of Satan from reading ours?  We knit ourselves Yarmulke’s.  If you did the tin foil hat they would arrest you.  But you can indeed make a Yarmulke of beads strung on aluminum or copper Faraday wire and metal beads and they won’t.  That silver played an important role in world history- many knights wore silver shawls.  The Pharaohs appear to have Yarmulke’s of Gold!  And again who sold out the Israelite's to the Romans?  Their political, affluent and religious leaders.
But if you look at it from the perspective of a mother knitting her son a Yarmulke to try to prevent him from being influenced by Satan and hearing voices- you realize what an extremely beautiful thing the Jewish Religion is.  The word Jews does indeed mean blessed one.
I am not afraid to say it is what it is and maybe there is just one person out there who knows it’s true too but didn’t want to say.
Very strange writing indeed sayeth the affluent, political and religious leaders in the media.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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