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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

God Versus Satan 03 06 2013

God Versus Satan  03 06 2013

Who really is God?  To understand who God is you have to understand who satan is.

Satan does not have a human soul and is said to be able to read the thoughts of men.

What do we know from the Bible?  From the very start of the Bible?

These first facts.

1. Adam and Eve were Jews.
2. Adam and Eve were the first humans.
3. Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden.
4.  Some of the earlist Jewish texts- those of the Essene Jewish Religion from the Dead Sea Scrolls detail how as part of community rule Jews evicted members of the community for various reasons.  They were sent out to wonder in the dessert.
5. Eve took the Apple from the Snake.
6. Snakes crawl on the ground.
7. Rotten apples are also on the ground.
8. Rotten apples are often fermented with alcohol.
9. Monkey's often eat rotten apples and exhibit signs of intoxication.
10. If a child ate fermented apples or drank alcohol its development would be delayed or impeded.
11.  To the best of my knowledge there have not been studies undertaken to prove that alcohols influence on conception and fetus development prevent the development of higher thought capability.  Common sense would tell us otherwise.  And indeed one learns common sense by obeying their parents like Adam and Eve did not.
12. Hebrew words were often named after what they sounded to be.  They were true to descritiveness and therefore made easy to remember.
13.  When one disobey's their parents it is a very good sign that they are unable to listen and learn from them.  As Adam and Eve did not. 
14.  Adam knew the rule just as well as Eve did and willingly participated.
15.  Jew means blessed one. 
16.  People do not say that deformed or birth defected children are blessed.
17.  Therefore blessed implies that something is better.
18.  The earliest people could be distinguished as being blessed in comparison to the lesser primate race that they evolved from?
19.  An early people race that differentiated itself with regard to primates would do so based on goodness.
20.  They would seek to maintain that basis of goodness in order to maintain their tribe and not disevolve.
21.  Therefore they evicted Adam and Eve?
22. The Bible warns us of Jews who are not Jews in the book of Revelation.  It means you can't be one of those other things and call yourself a blessed one.  Or that some people like to call themselves blessed when they really are not.

That is past tense isn't it?  Adam and Eve were Jews!

You will only need to suspend disbelief for one item in my proof.  And that is my belief that the word human comes from the defense of Satan to an original true Jew.

My humanities professer in high school told me of the nature of fate.  He said that if a beast has you down on the ground and is starting to gnaw at you and for some reason you do not know of you reach back behind your head and find the appropriate sized rock to bash the beast with that is fate.  The act of that something being there at the right time to save you.

So if indeed you have the archetype of Satan and it does not have its own soul it must indeed have the soul of someone else.  Who can we say had a soul?  The original Jews because they were blessed.  So lets say one without a soul is bothering someone that has one out of jealousy.  Lets say they are bullying them.  No better yet lets say they have them down on the ground and are killing them.  For some reason the blessed one is able to wrestle them off of themselvs and starts to strangle the satanic beast.

What does the satanic beast say in its defense. (It is kind of like the inflection point in the movie Trading Places.)

The beast say's, "I am you man!"  "I am you man!"  "I am you man!"  After all what better way to appease someone who is rightfully defending themselves with like deadly force against you..

"I am you man!"  Said Satan who did not have its own soul.  "I am you man!"  Sounds too much like "I am human!"  "I am human!"  "I am human!"  "I am human" He said in his defense.

A little transposition gets you to "I am being You man!"  Can you indeed see the nature of the primate as it tries to learn from the blessed one?  The way it thinks in relation to one is indeed dislexic.  The word order of sentences is not correct because it is not thinking with the blessed one instead it is trying too hard to be the blessed one.  "I am being You Man."  Transposes to "I am a You Man being."  "I am a you man being."  Sounds like the first words a proud monkey could ever speak.  "I am a you man being!"  You can hear how proud it is!  It is like there could be a parade or a movement for it, "I am a you man being!" "I am a you man being!"  "I am a you man being!"  ~ "I am a human being!"

God did not want you to emulate being one.  He wanted you to be one.  That is why he told you not to worship false idols.  A false idol would indeed be a You Man Being and not a blessed one.

Did God really want to kill Adam and Eve for disobeying him and they said to him, "I am you man!"

It is kind of sad isn't it?  That person without a soul tries so desperately to be someone who has one!  And that is indeed why God forgave them.

So indeed God can be considered to be the blessed ones who differentiated themselves from the late stage primates?

What does this imply?  It implies that God is one step above the human "You man being" race.  It implies the reason being so is that it has its own soul. 

In summary the only true blessed ones in existence today are those who are stigmatized Schizophrenic.  Why?  They are the true ones that the You Man Beings seek to emulate.  The You Man Beings like them so much that they grant themselves the right to share the soul of the Blessed one to themselves.  It is like it is part of their parade march to do so!  And that is why the true Jews of the world who are really those that have been stigmatized to be labeled schizophrenic are the way they are.

At many times in history the You Man Beings have risen up against the True Jews.  As the You Man Being ages it envies the blessed ones soul so much that it does not want it to be able to use it for himself.  Hence the advent of psychiatry and also Eugenics.  In the Eugenics movement they wanted to sterilize all the schizophrenics.  That would have indeed been the end of the race.

Are blessed ones created for the You Man Being race by traumatizing ordinary people from their souls?  The Jews that killed Christ did indeed give the reason being- he made himself a God.  Hence the implication being that they had the will to do so?  What else is the implication?  That the real Jewish Race had declined to a great degree by that time.

How did that likely happen?  If indeed you had many who were foregiven and therefore evicted for drinking alcohol they would indeed form groupings and societies of their own.  And indeed they would still look like true Jews.  They would eny true Jews and seek revenge upon them!

Adam and Eve were true Jews but now they are something less, phoenetically called You-Man-Beings. 

And indeed the pharo's captured and enslaved Jews and made them drink beer and bread as meals while they built the pyramids.  They must have been true Jews and the reason being that the Pharos was jealous of that soul?  It might have screwed them up and made them into You Man beings against their will.  Who knows, that matter is subject to conjecture or research.
Bottom line.  If you hear voices in your head you are not a freak.  You are the greatest species that ever existed on earth- you are a true Jew!  There are only 1% of us left on earth.  And you may likely have never gone inside a Temple in your whole life.  Indendent of everything you either are or you aren't.

In order to restore the You Man Race to the Jewish race, alcohol and drugs must be banned worldwide.  No exemptions for wine or the Catholic Church.

And the Bible does indeed describe different races.  A race amounts to a belief system until that race becomes less than the pure Jewish or blessed ones race.  And then it is a lesser race.

God bless the Jews for keeping the torch of the concept of the Blessed Ones alive throughout the ages.

But in reality a Blessed One should be a standard one by now.  The reason not?  Because the You-Man-Beings destroy the Blessed Ones out of jealousy like in the manner an Ape takes control of a new ape tribe.

These are the beliefs of Thomas Paul Murphy.  Let them be subject to scrutiny all over the world.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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