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Thursday, March 28, 2013

He Wanted Just One More Taste 03 28 2013

He Wanted Just One More Taste 03 28 2013
This is what a soldier said he wanted to do to his trailer park like girl friend and did just before he blew his brains out with a military rifle in a movie.
Interestingly enough Jesus Christ was said to like to kiss the Acoula of Mary just before he had demons he could exercise and took the cross for.
Is the basis for this seemingly mal hormonal or genetic hormonally altered state of mental illness revealed to us from God in the Bible when he made the statement, “Though shall not eat of the flesh with the life blood still in it,”?
Interestingly enough the Villages of Sodom and Gomorrah that God destroyed believed in the sexual pleasure called Luxuria!  None of the men were men their anymore accept Lot and his son’s that we are to assume through detective like thinking were taken from him and raped.   They were all Gay for Lots son’s.  And from what we learned of Lot he was a very capable and talented person with many skills.  So indeed the homosexuals of those Luxuria cities sought them to rape them.  I talked to a woman just yesterday.  She had some involvement with the Boy Scouts but no longer does.  She said she had no problem with Gay’s in the Boy Scouts.  I told her that I did.  And my reasoning is outlined above.
What modern science has proved through Genetic research is that there is a very strong basis for the validity of Gods law and indeed my hypothesis with regard to Gods law.  What we have learned is that we have many strands of DNA that remain dormant in our bodies and unexpressed.  Eating of the flesh of a beast with the life blood still in it just creates more non-human strands of DNA in our body. Combine that with the hormones of a different sex and it spells great trouble for the fate of the human race.
Advocating either homosexuality or Cunilingus is indeed a form of racism against men.  And indeed what has our popular television told us?  That Italian men really know how to please a woman.  That means they like to suck on the fishy hole.  They are also said not to be able to build safe boats, they are the source of crime families and the criminal mind by definition is a feeble mind, and they promoted the wine to the rest of the world and indeed defeated prohibition in the U.S.  Alcohol being another source of mal- development of the feeble mind; science has proven that.
One final point.  When I was in college I knew a guy.  I won’t say we rented rooms in the same duplex.  But one night he picked up the most raunchy of women.   She was kind of stout shaped you know like someone might like to characterize a butch dike softball player.  She had the raspy voice of a beer drinking hussy.  There was all this high pitched moaning coming out of that room.   The next day I asked him what was going on in there.  He said, “I was eating her out,” with a grin on his face.
All well and good.  But my friend was never the same after that.  Indeed he exhibited personality traits one might consider to be moody, hormonal and irritable.  It was as if he became that beast of a woman.
Most college kids have about dozens of different roommates during their time at college.
In summary that, Just one more taste “male?” creates a racism against men.  And there is strong scientific evidence that supports my belief.  Not only that the foreign genetic and hormonal influence is likely to lead to transgendered souls.  And a transgendered soul is a lost soul or soulless person.  And what do they resort to in order to survive?  It is my belief that the voices that men and women are tormented with in their heads do indeed come from the biologically transgendered people in this world.  And that resonant voice only creates more transgendered humans or humans that do not sustain the human race.  The Bible comes out and calls a certain race of people in this world the Beast.  We will let it serve to put the burden on the beast to solve the problem of its own nature for the sake of the rest of us.
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