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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sagrada Familia Basilica 03 10 2013

Sagrada Familia Basilica 03 10 2013
60 Minutes Focus Segment on Sunday 03 10 2013
(“China builds vacant office buildings in new vacant cities and the Church has a history of building Churches.”
I got an A in Art History in college and I can tell you what that basilica is all about already.
And indeed it will look a lot better when it is done then it does now.  They are building that church not from the original plans and plaster models but by and interpretation of them. And indeed it appears that they have made some great changes from the architects original design. But the gestalt that I get is unmistakable.
The Architect is said to have created the church to be the history of the Catholic Church in a building.  The building is unmistakable in that it looks like high viscosity WASP dripping turned upside down and solidified.  WASP also means White Anglo Saxon Protestant.  The term WASP is derogatory because it implies that the patrons of the Church raise their young inside of a host.  And indeed the Bible is full of priests getting up and telling everyone that they are the God of Hosts.  I am one of those Hosts myself and the modern term for it is schizophrenia!
You cannot tell me with every fiber of my being and soul that that architect did not have the same feeling.)
The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain.
He also designed the Church to look like a forest inside because he believed that is where one got closest to God.
(What is he implying?  That one does not get close to God in the Church.  One does not get close to God by listening to what is said to be a divinely inspired priest.  He is saying you would be closer to God if you were out in the forest.)
The architect designed the Catholic Church to be EXACTLY 3 ft shorter than the nearest mountains in deference to God. 
(Who is three feet shorter than man?   A Primate that learned to walk on its two back legs. The architect’s symbolism is compared to God that church is a short monkey.)
Sagrada translates to sacred, and sacred translates in origin “To be held in reverence.”  So it means a family that is to be feared!  And indeed they could never figure out how to build it per the architect’s instructions so they changed it.  

The architect said that it was the history of the Catholic Church in one building.  Maybe that pile of WASP drippings was indeed sum certain the architect’s intention!  He had no intention that it would ever or could ever be completed!  I have no doubt whatsoever that is what it means!!!  I could make an analogy to wasp drippings and semen as vampyr life fuel, but you’ve already heard it all before from me.  And the natives around Milwaukee are indeed letting me know they don’t like all that thinking, that they hear, that isn’t theirs. But I have no intention to stop doing my own thinking until the day that I die.  God bless the child that has his own- soul.

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