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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Aluminum Hat A Thomas Paul Murphy Design 10 12 2013 update #7

The Aluminum Hat A Thomas Paul Murphy Design 10 12 2013

This is indeed one of those caps that I wrote about earlier.  Just got around to taking a picture of it!

More on this later!

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Originally published on 10 12 2013 at:

Okay this is the more on this part later!

Steps to make an aluminum hat 10 13 2013

1.       Put on a common baseball cap and adjust the back strap so it comfortably fits your head.
2.       Apply aluminum duct sealing tape to the outside of the crown of the hat and the top of the bill.  This tape is available at a hardware stores near where the sheet metal duct work section is or where the duct tape is.  One roll would make many hats!  To do this you might want to stuff a t-shirt in the crown in order to keep it round.  The hat will indeed have a crinkly look to it but that is okay as it is part of the artistic motif. 
A.      At first place a strip where the bill meets to the dome to reinforce this area.  Then continue to apply the tape to the entire hat in about the following manner.  Next apply a strip to the tip of the bill of the hat and then a strip to gap between that piece and the first piece.  It is best to apply the tape in a shingle like fashion from bottom to top so that it will be truly waterproof.  So basically you want to work your way around the dome to the top of it.  You can expect to overlap some because that is how the tape sticks to itself and forms a solid structure.  But it is best to try and keep the concept to just needing one layer of tape that overlaps where another is added.  I overlap by about ½ inch. 

When you are done applying the tape you have an aluminum clad baseball hat.  The next thing that you will want to do is paint it.  It is best to lightly and quickly scuff the whole of the tape surface with about 400 grit sandpaper. 

I have three gallons of acrylic low voc or no voc paint that I bought a long long time ago.  They are in the colors of red, yellow and blue.  From that you can mix most of the colors you need.  And apply them with a 1” paint brush.  When you are done painting it no one will really know what it is.  It won’t look like you are a freak when you never were!

The last ones that I painted I spray primed with an aluminum primer first.

After a summer of wearing this hat in the heat the whole of the tape part of the hat separated from the baseball cap under it!   This allowed me the opportunity to improve it as I initially had envisioned with regard to a hat that would not hold dandruff causing particles.  And here is what I did.

I took some polyurethane glue and drizzled it in the inside of the aluminum.  I then spread it around with a 1” paint brush that I had cut to ¾ of the floppy length of the bristles with a long sharp scissors.  Why?  This technique of cutting a paint brush so that it is shorter makes it easier to use it to apply more viscous (thicker liquids).  After I had carefully spread that glue around I took about ½ teaspoon to ¾ teaspoon of powdered graphite that I bought at the art supply store and sprinkled it on that tape.  After which I took that same modified paint brush and worked it in with the polyurethane glue so that no graphite powder was any longer free on any side of it from the glue.  You want to this so it doesn’t rub off in your hair.  I have not worn these new ones yet but I have tried them on and they are extremely light and durable!  The graphite gives them added strength and also the property of what can be termed insulation from idiot heads.  These new hats weigh about 2oz.   I will indeed have a nice red one and a nice green one.  They are extremely cheap and easy to make and they do not look odd.  I wore them a whole year and no one even noticed what they were!  And I know when people notice.

Why make one at at?  Originally I wanted to make one because I found that traditional cotton hats tended to give me recurring dandruff because they were hard to clean.  I also wanted to make one because there was a great health scare and it is highly valid today regarding cell phone transmissions and head and neck cancer!  This hat will indeed protect your head from those electromagnetic waves.  The aluminum provides a Faraday cage.  It might indeed turn out that those of us who live the longest and are the smartest are people who wear hats like this.  What can I tell you about wearing this hat after I made it?  The Irish are said to have a natural ability to sense what is called the descension of the Holy Spirit.  I won’t comment on what that means exactly other than to say that this hat blocks a lot of that!  I will also tell you that at the end of his life Jesus Christ believed to be our God suffered from demonous spirits that he could no longer exorcise.   What did he tell us in the Bible, to protect our crowns!  Crown meaning top of the head!  And also that Jews stated reason for wearing Yarmulkes that indeed sit right on the crown of their heads is to make the statement that they are separate from God and not as good as God!  It is in respect of God!  What does that religious diatribe prove?  That Jews of the time of Jesus Christ did indeed love him in that they are indeed following his will and directive today! 
What do we also know about electromagnetic waves?  That common Electromagnetic waves are indeed within the normal range of human hearing!  This blocks those too!  We also know that our United States Military admitted to creating synthetic telepathy way back in 1991 and that the CIA did numerous experiments to figure out how to dislocate a human souls from a human being.  Synthetic telepathy can only be created by the use of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Which gets me to the next point that I have not had time to articulate; are some ham radio operator’s part of a group that colludes to maintain that schizophrenia is indeed a mental illness when it really is a medical fraud that is actively managed and created?  I have indeed been told by a Coast Guard official that radio operator after radio operator on Navy ships in WWII went insane!  Those were indeed the first documented cases of people who had mental illness caused by radio technology!
Today Ham radios are the size of small phones and one of the purposes of them is said to be experimentation!  One of the earliest inventors in this field of technology died of a brain stroke!  Then both Serbian Tesla and Italian fascist Marconi swooned in to reverse engineer his work like vultures!
We also know that our Corporate business community has willfully depleted our ozone to the point that ultraviolet light can harm us much more than it used to.  This hat will protect you against that too!
I believe that somebody is going to start commercially producing these very soon?  But you learned it from me!
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 10 13 2013 at:

I wore this hat to Wal*Mart yesterday, 10 20 2013, and the clerk there loved it!!!!

Update #4

So I made one of these hats in the same way as described above but by substituting powdered zinc metal for the graphite.  Don't breath it in or get it on your hands or clothes.  I used about a well rounded teaspoon to make it.  And do you know what?  It foamed up more than the graphite one did!  It actually weighs about the same as a clothe baseball hat but it is much much stronger and has insulating capability.  I wore it for about 6 hours yesterday while fishing in 50 degree whether and I never got cold!  I also had cotton to stop my head from becoming cold from the inside out through the ear hole :)

Now that hat is so light that it was blown off my head 4 times into the water!  The wind blew it off while casting, I took it off before I got my boat up to 26 miles per hour! It floated because the Zinc polyurethane glue mixture formed a foam more so that the graphite "poly"  But I picked it right back up let it sit on the boat seat so the water dripped down and put it right back on! It is impervious to water!  In fact you will find that you can take it off for awhile because you head has built up heat!  You might want to put holes in it in the summer time or use the graphite poly mix for the summer time.  The glue that I used for the zincpoly hat was older and more like honey; so that might be the reason it foamed more.  I discovered a long time ago that when you add sawdust to polyurethane glue that the glue does not foam up like it would without it!  The zinc also provides a Faraday cage.  All clothing sold in the United States should indeed have both sun protection factor and anti Electro Magnetic Field Protection factor! You can buy anti EMF clothing and anti emf fabric to make your own clothing and bedding at

The Zinc is bound in suspension by the glue.  But I or you might also coat over that with an acrylic paint just to be safe.

The zinc poly hat is also a lot more rigid than the graphite poly hat.  It can be picked up by the bill.  What gives these hats rigidity and strength is the wrinkles in the aluminum tape that form part of the glue particle matrix!  There great!

Image of the zinc poly glue underside.

I would not be surprised if the Government tries to outlaw all of this!  It is a violation of the Constitution to do so!  It would be one of many we already experience!

So I will indeed make one of these speed boat hats in the same way!  It will be brown and  have a short bill!  It will have ear flaps like the Amelia Earhart photograph you see in that Chicken Wings restaurant.  The short bill will make it less likely to fall off.  And the ear flaps will protect your brain by preventing cold air from entering through your ear; that is the reason you where a hat in the winter!!!!

I expect it to be a new fashion?  And as far as I know I am the first to design it?  I actually thought of it years ago.

Speed boat hat design pictured above.

We have a whole in the ozone and more cell phone towers than are good for our health.  Maybe it is time for a New Deal that is good for humanity?

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS. When I worked at First Analysis Corporation in Chicago they had me test try on one of the first prototypes of noise cancellation headphones!  They are common today.  But I believe they wanted to know for a fact or not if they cut the distraction I was complaining about.  I told them they didn't!  That emf was being created by the Southwestern Bell refrigerator sized switching box, it sounded a lot like a fluorescent light transformer that starts to hum! Which gets me to the next point!!!! Was the fluorescent light transformer also part of the FDR agenda for the individual to surrender his individualism?  The latest incarnation was that they cut a hole in the ceiling and installed a dedicated technology based agonizer?  Tell me this.  Who in their right mind would believe that a wining transformer leads to an educated classroom or a productive work force???  Who in their right mind believes that distracting an individuals ability to think is good for humanity? That is the exact wording FDR adviser Eugenics used to help create the New Deal, "surrender individualism". Read my last article published today.  If you don't have individualism what are you?  Human beings are defined by having individualism!

The Olmec are often depicted as wearing metal hats!  They are often considered the mother Civilization of the western hemisphere.  They were also accredited with the first to be able to write in the western hemisphere and the first to use the number Zero.  To me there zero looks like a monkey head on the side!  Recent discoveries have found Olmec type heads in Africa meaning they sailed over first settled in the Americas before Columbus sailed over.  They also are believed to have made latex rubber.  They have the Jaguar symbolism that is much the same as the sphinx to me.  And they have pyramid block technology.  Now I used to believe that giant heads were carved out so that any cannibals who saw them would be warned, that is still likely true but in a different sense of cannibal.  But I believe those giant heads were created like Beacons so that those they had left behind would know where to find them when sailing off the shore!  "Here is where we are!"  And there name is not really Olmec it is "Tamoanchan" or "tenocelome" meaning "Mouth of Jaguar"  I have often wondered if Pyramids were really places that led deep underground where people were led to....create oil?  Or if the dinosaurs had to be cleared you would need a top heavy structure to lead them under?  Anyhow those ideas would make a good start to a work of fiction.   The metal hat is indeed a Faraday Cage!  You will indeed hear a lot people gripe about them!  My Zinc Aluminum one above weighs about 3 ounces, which is about as light or lighter than a clothe baseball cap!  And my hat is strong!  The symbolism implies to me, "We have the brains in here and it is something to protect!"  They were also into blood letting.  I believe this to be because they were exposed to a virus and wanted to let some out so that their bodies regeneration cycle kick in and ramp up production of new cells of their own DNA?  They don't look black to me they look Oriental.  Some connection to Ethiopia.  But also these might have been the three kings that visited Jesus at his birth.  Or even part of Egypt? There appears to be a connection and large gaps between that connection in terms of our historical knowledge?  For example why does one tribe need to cross the seas?  We already know why the pilgrims did; to escape religious persecution!

I like the way this makes things so well that I am going to call it the "Murphy Lost Hat Process!"

I did a search on "civilizations that wore metal hats" You'll get a kick out of it!  It makes me wonder what the real connotation of Jesus calling the sons of the wealthy RAQ's was?  The origin of the word Raq was to beat a piece of metal into a bowl!  I took it to me the son was a henpecked by his rich mother.  But I think it means you have to wear a metal hat to protect your crown?  Maybe I don't like Jesus at all!  Because I have to protect my crown too!  Actually when I read that full article it states that Jesus sometimes wore one too!  So I take back what I wrote about him!  He wore one and called the son's of Roman Lead Winers Raq's!!!!  More power to him!  Try it and you will see that you won't get very far in life!!!


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