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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Practice of Voodoo out of envy and desperation 11 05 2013

The Practice of Voodoo out of envy and desperation 11 05 2013

Your tribe evolved from apes.  Apes have one dominant male in the tribe; much like a dictatorship or even monarchy.  That ape got to where it was by being physically dominant and violence.  So what happens when one woman tribe member sees an ape of smaller stature doing something smart?  That female who watches over the baby apes, and that is indeed how all the baby apes are raised- the equivalent of modern day care...that female that watches over the baby apes does not want that smaller stature and more intelligent ape to leave the tribe! Why?  Because once he does he becomes a role model for the baby apes and she therefore loses control over them as they attempt to develop intelligence like the ape of smaller stature did.  So indeed her solution becomes that she keep that ape of smaller stature near by poisoning his mind!  The poison of the puffer fish was used.  Now the baby apes are free to mock all of his innovations and he cannot get away because he has been made mentally retarded!  This in turn serves as a warning to the baby apes that you don't try anything new!  You just sit in this ape circle and stair strait ahead as the rain falls on your head! "And you will receive the thoughts of the ape that I Zombified!

The exact wording used by the Wisconsin University Eugenicists used that influenced both the Nazi Reich and also FDR's New Deal program is represented by what you just read in the above paragraph.  Eugenics in the form of psychiatry.  That more intelligent ape had its individuality surrendered and also might in terms of physical stature should be the goal of society!  Some of us were indeed undersized as boys but grew to become lean 6 feet tall men with muscle.  So it is really more of the principle of favoring through human rights abuse those who physically matured faster and will never be as intelligent?

Prior to FDR Eugenics the incidence of the symptoms a schizo (splint) phrenic (mind) were extremely rare!  What we did have was floods of immigrants who were feeble minded from Ireland, Italy, China and Russia.  The ones from Ireland were created via the introduction of a potato fungus that did not come from Ireland!  What is that?  That is also the equivalent of the above isn't it!

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