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Monday, November 25, 2013

FDR's $17.2 Trillion National Debt 11 25 2013

FDR's $17.2 Trillion National Debt 11 25 2013

In just a few months alone the interest on that national debt grew by 300 billion dollars!

At the above website the Center for disease control estimated that Excessive Drinking cost the United States $223.5 Billion Dollars for the year 2006.  That was 7 years ago.

I don't have statistics on what the costs have been every year since Prohibition was repealed but if you straight line that number by 83 years since FDR took office you get $18.5 Trillion Dollars.

If you assume like I do that Schizophrenics are indeed victims of those who were born with fetal alcohol syndrome, the cost of that to our country was estimated at $62.7 billion in 2002.  If straight line that figure back to when FDR advocated the Surrender of Individuality you get $5.2 trillion in debt!

And I know that in my case it is medical fraud!  So I have to assume that it is the same for everyone else? Something about the Judea religion cursing family members and their forward family lines???

Now if you take in environmental costs of remediation caused by FDR's desire to meet the needs of an Industrial economy you have not even begun to tally what our National Debt will be.  Business groups should have never been granted limited liability.  Limited Liability directly correlates to our National Debt Liability of $17.2 Trillion.  It isn't the dis-empowered that were very intelligent up to their young adulthood when they for some reason started hearing voices that causes that $17.2 trillion debt!  Take into account that Autism is increasing rather quickly every year in terms of percent occurrence in births.

Autism costs the United States $126 billion a year and those costs are growing because more are born autistic!

Alzheimer's a disease that affect the hippo campus of the aging brain just like autism and mental retardation do, cost the United States $100 billion annually. 

So what does all of this really mean?  Can you see where that National Debt came from?

And how do you issue debt to pay for that debt?  Do you think it is just a game of issuing more and more debt?  The debt markets work in terms of an investor having to have a rate of return on their money in order to invest it.  At some point when that debt keeps growing how can you keep issuing it?  That rate of return is likely to start skyrocketing as we try and face these insurmountable problems?  And as it goes up the debt increases even faster?  The more debt you have the higher interest rate you have to set in order to issue new debt!  That is the way it works in the Corporate world.  But for some reason our interest rates are still very low in the United States despite our Government shutdown?

I don't believe that we should let this get so bad that the Dollar becomes worthless the Country gone because of it!  I believe in the dollar and the Constitution but we have had it stepped on like a mud hut floor!  It is going to have to take some admission's to right this ship.  And remember the United States was indeed the Country that has came to the aid of the weaker nations and those facing genocide during war.  If you try and change that Constitution to suit your own selfish and mediocre personal interests who is going to be there to save the world in the future?

You can turn on your television set to try and understand it but you will not hear substantive talk!  You will hear platitudes designed to make the person being interviewed look like they are indeed competent and responsible; you will not see them challenged in a meaningful way.  What you see is the favor economy, the spoil system, nepotism and the so lauded principle of networking!  That is networking talk!  It really amounts to many Exon Valdez captains crashing our country in every respect.  It is a joke!  It is irresponsible media and news.  It is irresponsible management for We the People.  Networked people do not represent We the People.

And what should really happen during a Government Shutdown in the United States?  The Government should keep working because it is their adult responsibility!  What a joke they made of that adult responsibility a few weeks ago!  They should be held to great shame; it never happens.  But John Boehner does indeed show character and resolve and even a little sense of shame!  So there is hope!  And I have never been a Republican!  But in a sense I am 100 percent with the reason the Republican Party was founded; to end slavery.  Did they really want to end all forms of slavery, I must ask.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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