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Friday, November 22, 2013

And Scott Walker’s Agenda as President Would Be 11 22 2013

And Scott Walker’s Agenda as President Would Be 11 22 2013

To promote and market Wisconsin water supply from Lake Michigan to as many states as possible.  Under the guise that it would lower Utility costs for Wisconsin Residents.  And of course we would really be pumping radium water from Waukesha to the rest of the nation, but that wouldn't matter because by the time they all figured out they had a complaint against it would be too late.  But Scott has already seen to any reverberations that might occur as our States military has been taught to mobilize against citizens that might have initial complaints; so they should have no problem mobilizing against white frothing mouth zombies that come to our doorsteps too! They would likely be like the casino and store security guards that take off running whether a legitimate threat occurs.  Of course they can't get to the phone in time to call the wah wah police officer on the 911 line.

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He would also break unions but only Government unions working for him?  For some reason he was able to break the Government workers Union but not the corporate union?  The reason being because a Supreme Court justice was found to contradict a prior opinion he/she made and therefore that part had to be thrown out.  So once a judge rules that someone is good they can never rule that same person bad no matter what new legal evidence comes into light?  What are any of you doing here?
He would also nationally promote the Ding a Ling Concrete Construction and home services company nationwide.  And how much more tax liability would that create related to lawsuits brought on to the Government?  That would increase his budget and he would again be legitimated in any manner as to fix it?  He would of course market them as having the best safety track record in the nation.
And of course Mary Burke’s agenda would be that she could lower manufacturing costs in Wisconsin by having Wisconsin goods produced overseas and therefore she would be a boon to Wisconsin business and tax revenue.  Like what was done with Trek Bicycle.
Not only that, she would promote Wisconsin as being the Gay capital of the world.
And both Scott Walker and Mary Burke would promote Wisconsin as the new Las Vegas!!!!  And of course that would be very good for tourist revenue for Wisconsin businesses.  If indeed human trafficking has not been known worldwide in the State he so proudly manages as Governor already?
Wisconsin residents are going to get just what they are asking for; but you don’t even know what that is!
You would be just as well off voting for an anonymous Wisconsin resident wearing a clown suit!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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