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Sunday, November 24, 2013

One Final Point on todays topic 11 24 2013

One Final Point on today's topic 11 24 2013

Thanks to Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, Charles Van Hise and the University of Wisconsin Madison; everywhere we look today we have "Bubbles" from the movie "West Side Story"  My modern term for him is Buzz-holed.  The Eugenics rationale was that the bigger sized man would survive better long term?  Bigger and dumber does not do it!

A reversal of Eugenics program would do it and is indeed necessitated.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And this article was indeed inspired by reading articles in the Milwaukee Journal today, one about how the only reason that Greenpeace ship in the Artic was seized was for the alcohol and the other about how in an Illinois town of 5400, (Robbins IL) rape cases have gone on un-investigated for over 50 years.

This article is also inspired by the one that I wrote immediately before this one and the fact that it is not human behavior to raise your children by making a MAN actively hear voices in his head.  Apparently that is the only way they can raise the  CharlesVan Hise humanoids?

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