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Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Myth of being Sociable 11 16 2013

The Myth of being Sociable 11 16 2013

You are not a sociable person when you do not let anyone else speak!

You are not a sociable person when you do not respect others point of view and opinion!  If you were sociable you could accurately address why it isn't valid and it would be an open discussion.

It just amazes me how rude people have legitimized concepts of their illegitimacy?

We are told that the ones who talk all the time are more sociable.  But often it is not the case as per above.  And what it really amounts to is a feverish manipulation.  It is a nervous form of manipulating other people!  It amounts to never wanted to have to question your own believes!  To talk over other people amounts to never wanting to question your own beliefs.  It really means you have some defect related to learning!  And indeed people with this defect should be diagnosed as such so that the true concept of being social is realized in the entire world. Some people know their place and some people believe that money that was given to them means that they are deserving of a higher place.  One might say that the mentally retarded son of a Senator should never believe that he can become President of the United States!  Equality does not mean that a mentally retarded son can become President of the United States by talking over all of those that would state contradictory beliefs?  And indeed I am implying that those who talk over other people are mentally retarded in some way.

To be sociable means to listen and discuss what someone else's point was; and then when in agreement about that being talked about enough go onto something that follows from it.  Not to leave the American public naked on the cold streets because they were not able to attain gainful means of self sustainment (Google Spell Checker does not recognize the word SUSTAINMENT) because you owned the Sylvia Government Bank and would not listen to them or see that they were treated for injuries while working for the benefit of the American Economy?  The American Economy should never be said to benefit by the American being denied health care!  Often we see what motivate a person by what they do.  In other words if you can't work you deny other people from working by all means possible?  In fact you make a business out of making Americans sick?  It is just the opposite of how it should be!  The healthy American is the productive worker.  It implies that you can be healthy and not have a desire to work?  Amounts to Tea Party banking fraud!  And yes the issue of why Banks were to be separate from Investment and Insurance companies has really never been fully elucidated.

I could be diagnosed with the delusion of having the ability to see right through people?

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