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Monday, November 11, 2013

Quote of the day 11 11 2013

Quote of the day 11 11 2013

"With all that jealousy you might be prone to self destructive behavior!"

We need to develop something called the jealousy meter!  Everyone on television should wear one!  Now wouldn't it be a blast for the American Public if all newscasters and talk show hosts where forced to wear lie detector type equipment!!  Might be just something simple that fits over the lower arm!  But there would be lie meters on the side of the television screen that would rise when a participant has lied about asking a question!!!   Might be questions asked such as, "What can you're achievements be attributed to."


"Do you believe there is any relevance to what the Bible says about Satan."

In order to catch a liar you have to ask them questions that they cannot "blase' " over.  In other words in a manner that their own specific parents asked them a question in order to get a straight answer.  And that could be very different than you or me.  So in effect you have to have some understanding of what a 5417 kids home and personal life might have been.  It comes from the experience of growing up with them!

A good way to catch a liar is to see how much time it takes them to answer a question they eventually answer no to!  It doesn't take that long to answer no when it is true.

What is very interesting is that people today don't even know how self destructive behavior is defined!  Smoking, alcohol and drugs are all self destructive behaviors! And there are plenty more than that! The seven deadly sins are all self destructive behavior with the exception of Pride!  But children are not being taught what self destructive behavior is.  Instead they are being taught how to be jealous!  wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

Pride should not be one of them.  Why not?  Because true pride comes from accomplishment.  So here in effect is the will of resentment towards those that can achieve and accomplish!  If we are not to be proud of a job well done how do we reinforce what is a job well done and what isn't.  (Principle applies greatly to home contractor.)  And what happens when a world is populated by those who have bitter resentment for accomplishment?  It creates a mass psychology whereby those that have ability are victimized by those of the sins of wrath, greed, sloth, lust, envy and gluttony.  Are you Christians trying to tell me that honest and well deserved pride caused the 6 sins.

Chew on this one for your rawhide of the day!

"I am proud that I do not drink alcohol or use drugs!"

"I am proud that my son does not drink alcohol or use drugs!"

Can you see how a hag, jeering at Jesus Christ with the weight of his cross on his back, would say that is a sin?  Conclusion, Jesus was normal whereas the hag was not!

Have I just disproved the validity of a religious concept?  Maybe it is those of the SIX cardinal sins that should never have the sin of pride!  Because it is not an applicable concept to apply to them so therefore it would be a sin for them; and not a MAN!

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Can the concept of being gay be a self destructive behavior?

1. You are making the active choice not to continue your family line!  Where I come from that is a self destructive behavior.  I know that many liked my philosophy of a child being an extension of oneself.  It is a normal behavior and an expression of personal happiness to want to continue your own family line as your parents did with you.  Something else seems to be an exclusionary principle with regard to what is considered normal?  And sure you are normal in the sense that you are a loving person, but that is not how it works.  So and so is normal in the entire list of items accept one, so we make an exclusion with regard to how normality is defined for them?  I think is a core group of concepts that defines one to be normal.  And the most accurate of them being a high demand for the thinking of such a person?  The more in demand your thinking is the more normal you are?  And who has the highest demand for their thinking; those that hear voices in their heads that compete for that thinking!

And what is a very similar historical event in comparison to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?  It is the Haitian Voodoo practitioners making a zombie or living dead out of someone by giving them brain death! If you have ever watched the geographic type programs you will see very well indeed how some men experience great envy in their tribes.  Flash forward to modern day and age; it is psychiatry isn't it!  What do we read in the Newspapers; the hags jeering for men to be medicated.  Which brings up another point, "How many gay people hear voices in their heads?"  Voices and not thoughts?

2. Being gay has also given rise to one of the deadliest viruses known to man!  And that too is evidence of self destructive behavior?

Can it be thought of as a self destructive behavior that was imposed on you?

I really don't like to bring up the gay issue in my writing.  But it my nature to analyze and think about things so I share my thoughts with you.

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