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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Abortions and Ultrasound 11 05 2013

Abortions and Ultrasound 11 05 2013

No baby should ever have to undergo an ultrasound! Either you abort which should be your right or  you don't and keep it and raise it yourself like it is an extension of you!

What is ultrasound?  It is the same technology that is used to break up kidney stones!  Sure they will say that it has been thoroughly tested and is safe on babies, but they also can not tell us or don't want to tell us what causes Autism.  If a similar percussive technology can break up kidney stones without harming anything else I would be extremely suspect of the use of sound wave technology to scan any fetus in the womb!!!

In summary I believe that Ultrasound can indeed cause a bruising to the hippo campus which is responsible for memory and learning.  In effect I also believe requiring that ultrasound before a woman can abort is indeed creating a satanic potential minded person!  So in effect this pro life movement idea has indeed created the mentally retarded equivalent!

The ultrasound is indeed a mandate that the Prolifer's are pushing for before an abortion!

You really don't want to rattle a babies developing brain do you; at any scanning frequency?

We have to be a lot more proactive when it comes to preventing birth defects!  And none of the Prolifers have formed a group and given money to prevent children in the adoption network and foster care homes from being sexually abused.  A horrific industry is made of those children!  They are told that the sexual molestation is normal!  And who put them in that predicament?  The pro-lifers!

And do you want to know what a pro-lifer would say in defense?  It is okay because as an adult they are perfectly happy now????  That type of thinking defies common sense and human conscience and human reason!  Why?  Because it does not address the issue of children being sexually abused!  Do you see how it therefore contributes to the abuse of children? It's like saying that slaves are freed when they become adults and they will therefore be happy. 

How did I learn to think like this?  By working with complete baboons!

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