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Saturday, November 30, 2013

China's Air Flight Zone 11 30 2013

China's Air Flight Zone 11 30 2013

What is this really all about?  Is it about Japan not being able to fish on the Western shores of its Island waters and traveling in other directions to fish because of the Radiation leaking into the Ocean?  And look at how the U.S. had been supporting them!!!  At first it was the whales or some other fish that made an unprecedented appearance off our west coast,  then it was deep sea creatures surfacing, and today it is record numbers of starfish dying.

This is being allowed to happen!

And all of this and we are told that Obama made a video of him and his daughter swimming in the Gulf Coast after the Oil Spill to tell everyone it was safe!  No photographic journalists were allowed to attend that or even allowed in the White House today!  I think it has to be some big pagan party going on in there!  Have Pimps that admitted to have operations in more than a dozen states like Snoop Dog been seen coming and going?

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