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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tammy Baldwin is openly Gay I am with Beohner on this issue 11 05 2013

Tammy Baldwin is openly Gay 11 05 2013

I read that in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning.  Didn't our paper's have a duty to reveal that personal fact about her before election came up?

You would say personal facts are not important?  I would say they are most important!  For example Wisconsinites might like to know if a political candidate loves fishing or hates the water and fish altogether!  If someone is balanced greatly towards one side it is important to know!

Why?  Because it might very well influence public policy in a way that might be inconsistent with how the candidate represented themselves?

You say it should never come up that a woman is gay?  We don't need to know that beforehand it has nothing to do with public policy for us to know???  Wrong it has quite a bit to do with public policy and rights laws.  For example she might stand firmly on Gay rights but also against the rights of them mentally ill.  Might I say that people are traumatized to become mentally ill by know less than those that commit gay acts against them?  Get it?  One likes to bend the other over the barrel and the other likes to be bent over the barrel.  All well and good until you start making it legal to bend anyone over the barrel you chose?  Let's see?  He will be sure to love me and want to marry me as his man after I bend him over a barrel?  Or he will be sure to love me and make me his woman after I allow him to bend me over a barrel?  You can't tell me they don't have a congenital hippo campus birth defect!!!

And you might think I hate them?  No I don't!  I have talked to some and had good conversations.  I know as they do that it is not their fault.  They however do not know the cause because they were unable to sense the descendent of the un-holy spirit upon them like the Irish are said to be able to do!

I'm with Boehner on the Gay issue and I can articulate it better than him!  But I haven't concisely.  Instead it is published in various articles in this blog.  You could use search terms to find the concrete and comprehensive belief.

Contrast these three things.

 1. It is stated that Autism can't be diagnosed until age 8. So therefore a child is assumed normal until age 8.
 2. Gays say that they were indeed born that way.  So they therefore declare that they have been normal since birth.  And that there was never any reason to wait until they were 8 to diagnose them as being gay.
 3. And those who have schizophrenia were very normal and intelligent and competent people until they started hearing voices in their heads!  Indeed it was stated that the schizophrenic looked younger than his age and also had an above average IQ?

There is some way all those 3 sentences tie together to form rock solid logic but I can't seem to remember it.

 Can you put three Roman numerals together I, I, I, to form the number 3.

So you have openly elected gays into Government!!! Would you ever elect someone who openly states they hear voices in their heads!  It would never happen and indeed we can have gay rights up the barrel but they totally ignore all human rights and forms of abuse; in fact they distract from it!  What did FDR's Van Hise Eugenics and BEER get us?  ~ Gays!
Prior to FDR's you must abandon your Individualism New Deal plan the symptoms of Schizophrenia were extremely rare!  But what we did have was a great many feeble minded spawned from the widespread drinking roaring twenties and today that also apparently don't know what sex they are!  And prior to a person having their soul (phrenic- of or relating to them mind) Schism (split).

The CIA openly admitted conducting successful experiements to creating a schizophrenic!
The Department of Defense has openly admitted that we have the technology to make people hear voices in their heads for a long time!
And Gay people never admit they are Gay until after they are elected to office.

And I have heard another one of those women candidates might be gay too!  I won't say which because I don't have confirming knowledge like a major newspaper does and refuses to publish!

If you are openly gay how come you are not ashamed to admit it before you are elected?

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 11 05 2013 at:

Let me try and articulate what could be termed homophobia or gay bashing.

A man in the work place is approached by another man who states,
 "You might like me better if I bent you over a barrel."
"Get away from me before I kill you," might be how a common man might and should respond?

So you don't agree with my response I will defy you to tell me how a man is supposed to respond to that?  Why don't you try it?  Americans really deserve a laugh, and reading how you would state we should respond would be a great source of humor as it revealed your delusion of what it means to be a man!

Now this one,
"You might make a better woman for me if I removed your testicles?"
"No thank you, FATHER?" replied the already tenor?

You it isn't just that it is being in the presence of that belief system and being subjected to it?  I don't believe you have the right to subject me to a Gay belief system!  And a Gay belief system is not a normal belief system because it is different than a normal belief system!!!

So if you indeed declare that being gay is normal because you were born that way.  Then you are stating that Gay behavior is a normal behavior that can be normalized!!!! And here is the next thing idiot head will pull on the United States population.

"Maybe your son really is gay.  But we won't know for sure until he has sex with a man.  And he does indeed need to come in and be tested for that and it is normal."

Maybe way back in history that is indeed where the term "Don't put us to the test came from?"

"How does your son feel after his first love with a man?"

Americans should be red faced mad as h311 at this and the precedent it is setting!  Just think this through in more detail!!!

Your son is raped but they won't call it rape!  Your daughter is raped but they won't call it rape they will call it normal activity.

And indeed when I was in Catholic Grade school at Holy Family in Whitefish Bay they made us watch a pornography movie with two boys in a boarding school sodomizing each other!  The teacher might have cited Masters and Johnson study saying it was normal behavior!  I don't believe it is!

One more point when I worked as an intern for Merrill Lynch while in college, while I was on my into the bathroom a young broker grabbed me by the arm.  Now I was the son of two school teachers.  He let go right away and was trying to get my attention about a girl walking by or something.  But it was rude and it bothered me.  Later on they took all the interns in a room and told us never to mention any of the family wealth we might have seen!  They also told us that we were second class citizens!  If you read about what a Customers Man is under the wikipedia dictionary under Vampyr and also on me website here, you will see that that is one business that needs to see the sun setting on it! That can all be restructured too to become more fair!  Why does that belong in here?  Because the satanic are all of a unisex soul because they don't have the ability to form their own!

And another thing with regard to eye dimensions of fetal alcohol syndrome victims.  I believe I have read that as being misrepresented somewhere!  I believe the eyes of a fetal alcohol syndrome child are indeed beady versus a normal and fully developed and blossomed out iris of a normal child!  And that is indeed where the Northern Union Army got their saying, "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!  The satanic have beady eyes in comparison to a normal and healthy person!  Just look at the pictures!  Look at Hitlers profile in that last article that mentioned him with the link!  The beady eyes are usually accompanied by a mean personality with them!  Alzheimer's have that same damage to their hippo campus and they become very violent when they are contradicted or told they are wrong!  I really believe they are a great detriment to our society!  Autistic Children also have the defect to the hippo campus!  And it is said that they cannot unlearn something they already learned.  What does that mean?  It really means you don't have the capacity to learn at all because learning means thinking instead of fixed ideas in ones mind!  The learning mind does not believe in fixed ideas!  The learning mind has to think about ideas as not being fixed!  For example, what can go wrong if a great percent of our population 30 percent are born with autism and no one remembers how to deactivate and nuclear power plant thought to not pose a risk.  What is my point?  We are losing our humanity every single day!  And you can't blame just one person as a scapegoat because that is already a lesser standard than humanity!  There is a large group of people that are closed minded cannot learn and never belonged in the careers that they were in or earning the money that they did!  And the influence of them on our society is indeed lessening our sense of humanity!

I believe that gays become more gay the more they are subjected to the DNA influence of other gays!  In other words they might put your son or daughter to the test and he could be changed because of it.  Whereas before he was never gay afterward he is gay because of the bad influence.  I was told by a socialite woman in Chicago that all Catholic Priests were openly gay at parties. What else do we know that Catholic priests sexually traumatize young boys and then they also call them into the priesthood!  So indeed there is some validity in proof to what I have hypothesized!  Gays are created by older gays?  Something like that.

God was put to the test in this way regarding Sodom and Ghmorra we know the results; God won!  God will win every single time!  And it is too bad because when he is put to the test it is already to late for your salvation!  And the God of the Bible has already spoken on this issue!  Per the God of the Bible, "They are all to be killed."  I would define a homosexual as being any one of the same sex that sexually molests or desires to fondle that same sex in any way.  When the Bible says that they are to be killed how can legislation be created that makes it hate speech?  That is a violation of Church and State!  The Bible is the best book of knowledge that we will ever have with regard to religion and creating laws to the contrary of it is a violation of separation of church and state!  We have already witnessed this violation since the FDR administration took office!  It became a diagnostic criteria for mental illness if someone believed in either Jesus Christ or talked about Satan and the devil!

What did the satanic believe that if they sacrificed a good human beings with whom their minds were imprinted on they would become that human being!  Indeed the Catholic Church says Jesus died for all our sins past and present!  People still sin left and right!  We don't forgive your future sins and maintain an orderly society at the same time!  That is how a less than human could be defined!  Nor do we ever sacrifice someone for the benefit of the satanic!  There were 18 other sons of man before Jesus Christ came along.  It is an invalid relegion!  After JC was crucified the dark ages followed.

If you believed in Jesus Christ you were sacrificed because they believed they could uptake your good human soul in their dead head hippocampus's!  Here is a link to the painting of XXXXXXXXXXX that illustrates this:

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