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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fraudulent Health Care Doctors Exposed 11 07 2013

Fraudulent Health Care Doctors Exposed 11 07 2013

You can't get an antibiotic when you go the doctor; but if you told then you had a heroin addiction I bet that prescription they would give you that right away!  About on par with how fast a black Bart wearing a black Cowboy hat in the old west could draw a six gun on you!

With regard to not receiving the antibiotic you can die of septicemia in less than one minute!

And cattle ranchers are not preventing from injecting livestock with antibiotics at will!  And for all of that is still doesn't do anything to prevent or cure human diseases, or even chronic wasting disease in Wisconsin deer!  It is done for more money to the ranchers at the expense of human health!  It is done so that managers of Corporate restaurant chain businesses receive more money too!  And you can't prove to me that human health in the United States would not benefit from more consumption of vegetables!  That baboon coven might not be the way they are if they had consumed less potentially viral protein!  That baboon is so spoiled that she likes to think that she is me when I am typing!

In the Gospel of Thomas; the words that Jesus spoke recorded by Didymos Judas Thomas, Jesus said,

 "No prophet is welcome on his home turf; doctors don't cure those who know them."

That gospel of Didymos Judas Thomas is very raw and insightful, if you like the thread of what I write you will love to read that too. I found mine somewhere here:

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