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Monday, November 25, 2013

Who do we Owe the National Debt to? 11 26 2013

 Who do we Owe the National Debt to?  11 26 2013

Other Countries about $5 trillion.  If we completely stiffed them maybe the value of our dollar would rise? They knew what kind of new screwed up world order it was! Same is true for everything else there accept Social Security, Disability and Individuals.  I see no reason why we should feel obligated to make good on the debt of millionaires or billionaires either; they didn't reinvest in our economy!

We could stiff the bankers and brokers and the value of our dollar might rise too!  We don't owe them anything; they did not have the aptitude to lend money.  Have you ever made money through a stock broker?  I doubt it! How many of the 46 million Americans on food stamps applaud the ability of the stock broker to make them money?  What a joke!  In fact corporations should be stiffed because they have left us with huge insurmountable liabilities.

How many of the 46 million Americans on food stamps owe a Corporation that funded a political campaign any money?  Heck no you don't, not only that you don't have it to pay anyway?  How can you pay what you don't have?  How can you work to pay when all the jobs are overseas?  Who are they trying to fool?

We could even stiff the federal government and the value of our dollar should rise.

So if we default on that debt the principle to manage the situation would be called Selective Stiffing!

So maybe we owe less than $5 trillion!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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