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Monday, November 25, 2013

Quote on modern music 11 25 2013

Quote on modern music 11 25 2013

"Somewhere in the clamor of the drums, the electric guitars and the synthesizer the voice of the monkey is hiding."

Often you can't even tell what the lyrics are until you read them on paper!  If you want to sing something sing it so we call all hear your voice and understand it or give it up!

I think the division might have started because men were afraid to make their point without a group behind them?  That falls on two sides of the sea saw. 1.  Either it needs desperately to be said.  2. It is a belief you cannot support and want others to believe in? In other words a band of five charlatans or snake oil salesmen.

We need a band to sing with us because our voice has been oppressed and weakened?  And we want to change that?  And in order to do so we must sing; and the band makes it sound better?

Or again, there are five of us, not much talent each, we want to use the psychological technique of distracting you from the lyrics while at they same time you subliminally might recognize them?

I could get into history and how there was a division of Jews among this concept in Biblical times and also how the Puritans believed in voice and not bands.  It might also have strong connotations to what was going on in England and why they left?

Did Jesus Christ sing?  Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi/Priest so you better believe he d@mn well must have!  We never have heard of him being in any conflict such as mentioned above though!  But his Jewish philosophies, yes that is right Jewish philosophies,  alone without song were enough to cause great conflict!

Voice and song were meant primarily to be heard.  As such the modern media venue for them is radio.  I have seen Englishman Simon Cowell shun pure vocal talent that he considered ugly.  When I am driving in my car I couldn't care about what the person looks like!  That is not what my EARS are attuned to!  What we are seeing today in the music industry is a good looking "Singer" whose voice has to be digitally doctored and synthesized to make it sound not like the monkey hiding behind the clamor.  I would propose that a digitally enhanced voice has no copyright protection, under the grounds it is neither original or legitimate!  They have already rather effectively figured out how to use a human beings mind (and mojo) to their exclusion!  Part of a conflict also created behind the "parable of the talents" in the Bible?  Don't want the talentless offspring of the wealthy feeling miserable for not having their own minds due to wine presses?

The English have had a long history of attempting to Illegitimate America!  I would believe they would go so far as to say that a man or women is no longer allowed to sing with their own voice because they own the complete copyright to a digitally synthesized version of that human beings voice!  Don't kid yourself, the illegitimate know how and why they are illegitimate and who they are not.  The Gospel of Nicodemus alludes to the concept of the illegitimate believing themselves to be someone they are not in delusion.  After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ the son of the wealthy Sanhedrin believed himself to be Jesus Christ!  Can you see how conflict would arise?  You have four instruments and a monkey singing who believe that they are one Jewish Rabbi?

Music is meant to soothe the ears of the savage beast?  What good does music that is synthesized do to serve that goal?  It doesn't, it maintains a delusion doesn't it!  My son's from the Judah Wine Presses are just as good as the wine diluting Israelite Vocalist Rabbi Jesus Christ?

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Can the entirety of world history be thought of as a conflict between two Jewish Tribes?  The two tribes encompassing all of humanity in archetype?  One the Jesus Christ Tribe and the other the Judah wine press tribes.  My theory would be that those who were killed in the holocaust were of the Jesus Christ tribe?  Both Germany and England being territories of the Roman Empire?  Puts things into a better and more accurate perspective?

It started out as just one sentence and I had to roll the keyboard with it.  I took piano lessens when I was a boy but it never caught on with me.  My memory of it is some drunken lout falling asleep next to me as he sat on the piano bench. 

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