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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Mortgage Crisis 11 26 2013

The Mortgage Crisis

“I” Banker made enough money underwriting (loaning money for homes) failed mortgage to pay off my own mortgage! Anyone see who the simpletons are? Okay if you are in the business of loaning money and making a profit from it, how can you make money when you failed at it?  You did not earn money as bankers; you committed fraud and that is theft!
Anyone see who the simpletons are?
That isn’t how the financial industry is supposed to function!  That is more along the lines of one hobo giving another a job in what is called networking!  Or somebody charged us way to much for our Tea again!
Because the mortgages failed it means the banks should not have loaned money to buy houses as overpriced as they did!  What was the motivation for doing so?  They each wanted a house that they themselves could not afford because it was too expensive based on their income from their ability to make good loans!
Nor should the banks have been allowed to pool them in groups and play “Hot Potato” with them!  While overstating the value and also rigging the LIBOR (London Interbank Offer Rate).  London stands for London England for those of you who lack geography.   Should England have to pay up?  You betcha!
It amounts to identity fraud with regard to the bad mortgages!  In other words you can’t write mortgages that shouldn’t have been written and consider yourself a professional banker!  But you have done it anyway even though you did not meet the professional banking standard!  So are we going to let you get away with this?  It implies that all  throughout the entire banking industry none of them met the professional banking standard.  And no trade rag (magazine) on the market was able to use their journalistic power to stop it!  It means they did not belong in those industries either!
That is not professional banking!  There were no professionals working in the industry who went on to pursue legitimate journalistic writing careers adjunct to the industry.
The remedy would be that none of these bankers or their family members are ever allowed to work in the financial industry again or own financial related products!  That means that you are not allowed to own shares of common stock or mutual funds either!
That means that you can keep what money your money in the bank but it is just for safekeeping like a safe deposit box is.  And you are not allowed to earn interest on it!
How can you be allowed to ever earn interest on stolen money created by fraud???  And no more of this second chance mentality with regard to your criminal minds!
And how many banks and financial companies have recently been charged with fraud? Even one billion dollar settlement is enough evidence that you and all employees should be shunned from the money industry in the United States and the world!
I have some “Roth” red child in me?
Ask yourself this, “Would you trust Newt Gingrich to be a hobo roaming around in your neighborhood?”  To me he looks to be the kind of guy that jumps up and down when he’s happy at others misfortune and misery!  Ought to be a way to “Pool” people like that?
So you worked in the mortgage industry and made enough money to pay off a house?  Here is what you have coming; something called a Fraud Lien!  (Sounds like Frauline!)
You actively participated in creating the horrific symptoms of schizophrenia, the victimization and forced drugging of innocent human beings- real symptoms but medical fraud; you get a Fraud Lien on your home in the United States too!
I am all full of kisses aren’t I!
Do you know whose bank laundered money from the sale of Mexican drugs coming into the United States?  It was a British (English) Bank!
Do you know how Great Britain would like to rewrite the U.S. History books after they collapse our economy, dollar and Constitution?  By saying we were always a penal colony of England! And as dumb as the average American is that would be easy to believe! They did indeed burn all the books in Ireland to achieve the same purpose of stripping it of its national identity! 

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