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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Strength of Stature in Politics 11 24 2013

Strength of Stature in Politics 11 24 2013

Could you  see a small man Five Feet Six inches tall weighing 140 pounds arguing at a podium across from a podium where a heavy set man is standing?  As soon as that small man started to win the argument that larger sized man would threaten physical violence in some way?  Threatening to come over to him?  Much like how I saw that man pick up Barrack Obama in a Bear hug?

If that were to happen at the podiums mentioned above I believe that small man would have a right (and obligation) to pull out a gun and defend himself against the assault with deadly force!  What I am getting at is that there are not any real men in politics today!  Do I sound to be an extreme individual?  Charles Sumner was the greatest proponent of abolishing Slavery.  He was beaten over the head with a gold handled cane until the blood pouring down blinded him.  He suffered great disability for promoting the greatest achievement in human rights in America ever.  The point being no American citizen should ever be subject to such violence for just exerting their right to free speech and open debate?

I said something you don't like and it offended your weak will, that is the end of your guise of having great verbal ability, you have cracked and you want to threaten me with physical violence and death?

If Barrack Obama had been debating with that large man that gave him the bear hug in full public view, would that not have lessened Barracks moral resolve when it should never have?  Some people should know better but they don't.  The large man has indeed used the threat of harm to win an argument?  The point being if we have to put a man in a cage so that he can fairly debate another maybe the man that has to be in the cage of bars to debate should not be at the debate in the first place?

What prompted me to write this is that some women might like to have a bastard child of a famous person because they believe they have the genes of what it takes to be successful?  Not attributing any factor of nurture to the development of a human being into a man?  That and when I watch Chris Christie who has been said to have ties to the Italian mafia speak on television and then mentioned with aspirations to lead our nation or hear of Scott Walker hiring thugs and disruptor's?  A different level of justice by the American is being incited?  I find a great disgrace to national pride, integrity and history.

I would like to see a 140 pound man of 5'6" tall get up their and bring them to beet red blush faced humiliated tears without even the subtlest nuance of threat of violence against them in retribution.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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