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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Burden of Proof is Wrong 11 07 2013

The Burden of Proof is Wrong 11 07 2013

The Burden of Proof is Wrong with regard to acts (crimes) that are committed without apparent human conscience or human reason.
The Burden of Proof in cases such as that should be of this nature, “Can the Pope prove that those priests that sexually molested children are actually human?”  Can the parents whose child did the same prove their child is human?  Can you prove to me that a mentally retarded or autistic person is human; no you can’t!
Other concepts to consider; making a business out of unwanted babies?  The Catholic Church promoting an Oliver Twist society out of the United States with Vatican II and the Polish Pope?  That occurred after WWII and as a result of the Englishman President, of Opiate trade wealth- Roosevelt!
What is it that can neither make money nor be happy without alcohol?  It allows it to forest the culmination of its life to that point?  A form of self denial and denial being a form or expression of self shame!  That is really the best admission you make by comparison that you are not as good as someone else in this world!  You can all the money in the world and all the media spot light but as soon as you reach for alcohol and other substances of escapism you are indeed admitting how ashamed you are of yourself!
Christianity is not the belief in Jesus Christ!  It was the Pagan promotion of killing a human being man from a different religion!  And indeed the wine given at mass formed a pagan celebration and coven among the parishioners’!  It is the sacrifice of human being men and women in the name of that which is less than man!  What do they really believe; the false concept of ending their cognitive shame by participating in the killing of a human being and waiting for the human being to die!
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I also believe a lot of people bring out their true less than human emotions and desires and act upon them by willfully consuming alcohol.  For example a man gets drunk and kills someone in a car accident and is not guilty of murder because he was drunk???  The line of logic needs to be taken one step back from that in this manner; Can you prove that you did not consume that alcohol with the knowledge that your legal capacity might have been that you would actively and willfully kill someone?  You are more guilty of murder for that very reason!  You desired to escape from the capacity to think and behave as human being; and it applies to all actions or crimes you committed.  In effect you are more guilty of crime because of your desire to be less than human!  (Something like that…  A baboon voice, not from my head, did indeed cancel out the better wording that tied the logic together in a rock solid proof!) Read the rest of this after the baboon started in and compare it to what was written above? What is written above is better isn't it!

FDR’s family money came from Opiate wealth.  Can you see why his motive would be to repeal Prohibition?  Do you see how it is consistent with this essay?  If you ever knew anything about the very wealthy, and I do I have grown up and lived in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin for over 44 years, …if you ever knew anything about the very wealthy you will know that they protect each other’s interests no matter what they are!  After FDR was elected he would not help the incumbent find a solution to the Financial crisis of the Great Depression, being consistent with the sentence before this one it implies that he was complicit in and profited from the Stock Market Crash of 1929!  And what better way to tell everyone they are going to be happy again than by convincing them a drink will do the trick?  His campaign finance minister was Joseph Kennedy!  We have had this kind of idiot politics ever since him and it amounts to us having to pay for things that used to be free and businesses and people selling things that were not allowed at all!  It amounts to a family member being murdered by a drunk driver!  It amounts to your children being sexually molested with everyone putting their hands up in the air and saying there is nothing we can do about it and we are all human!  We are all human is a sales pitch they use so that you don’t tar and feather them out of this country!  Now that would have indeed solved the stock market crash of 1929 better than anything!  And you would only really care about what I write if you don’t believe in any of it!  Why, because that means you are a good and trusting person and therefore it is your children that will be victimized!  We still do have the framework of the Constitution in place that prevents a lot of this!  But indeed what we do not have is the people who can willfully and accurately interpret it!

A stock market crash can the members of the Tea Party prove they are not responsible?
A mortgage crisis can the members of the Tea Party prove they are not responsible? 
Tens of thousands of deaths a year from pharmaceuticals, can the Tea Party prove they are not guilty of murder?  So what have they already proven to us?  That they are guilty of murder in the name of money and power!!!!
Some of those drugs are given to people who then go on shooting sprees, Can the Tea Party or the wealthy democrats that supported Barrack Obama prove that they are not responsible?  Can you prove that you are not the source and cause of those people hearing YOUR voices in their heads?  No you can't! In fact they have already demonstrated their willful desire to murder people and use statistics to lie about it!  The same argument is used by those that get in a drunk driving accident that kills people.  (And I drank and drive a few times when I was in college!  We all did!  But do you know what happened when I tried to stop drinking?  My cup overfloweth!  And alcohol is indeed the prime cause of hippo campus brain cell death!  That area of the brain regulates memory and learning!  Combine alcohol with those Tea Party voices and a person can be made psychotic readily easily as they can not remember right from wrong!  The United States military has admitted that they developed the technology to make someone hear voices in their head a very long time ago!  It really isn't that hard to do!  A black man in the core of Milwaukee figured out how to do it with a ham radio and got ten years in jail for it!  So who would do that to someone?  Someone that was born with a hippo campus birth defect caused by alcohol that lived all their life that way.

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