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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Republican John Boehner Got it Right 11 12 2013

Republican John Boehner Got it Right 11 12 2013

We have $17 Trillion in debt and 10% homo's to show for it.
(We also have 3% mentally retarded and well over 2% with autism.)

I had a theory that the prevalence of homosexuality would be higher in the Confederate Army that in the Union Army because the Fed's were more likely to drink hard liquor.  So I went to research it.  What I found out was extremely disturbing, boys were dressed up as women and sold as prostitutes.  Now the author who I believe was a lesbian made no real distinction between a homo sexual and a sexual abuser of children.  And that is the real tell!  They know there is no difference!  If that is the way the present the article and that is indeed the way the original article is presented as it was originally written it means they know their is no difference between a gay person and a sexual molester of same sex children!  It is a statement made by them as  factual statement and admissible in a court of law as evidence against them! I have always ascertained that there is no difference.  It is part of the same mental defect.  Adult men might look at a young woman and wonder how old she is.  But the homosexual takes it a step further than that with children of the same sex!  It cannot distinguish firstly, its own sexual identity and secondly that children are harmed by its actions against them.

Now in the Civil War there were boys dressed as women and the men seemed to like them better than the women because they found them to be prettier.  And they layed with them!  This is what the right to keep and bare arms was meant to protect us from.

Now here I am going to take you into the boundaries of known occult.  If you whack off and go out in public and are confronted by those of zombie blood thirst nature I believe you have the right and duty to defend yourself and your children against them!  With regard to the whack off.  I remember what my Jewish auditing professor once told us about studying for the CPA exam.  He said there are some people that are such whiz kids that they could walk into a phone book flip through the pages of a CPA review course and take the exam and pass it.  No one is really that smart.  But what it gets at is those who can upload a holographic image of your human knowledge into minds!  You might look to  your direct left while sitting at the CPA exam and see a man who looks like he belongs working in a Chinese factory... you will see him answering question step in step with you!  He has the defective hippo campus mind of satan; just like the homosexual does!

Civil War Article reference

And we can thank FDR for the instance of this crime against humanity.  He believed that in order to make our industrial society work the individual must surrender his individuality!  He was the son of a wealthy opiate trade family and also an inbred!  It is like he fell off the whiskey truck with the boy that he had wearing a dress.

Everyone wants to say how great George Washington was, but when he got a sore throat he had his blood drained to the point whereby he died from loss of blood!  He also had slaves and produced whiskey!  He was the first President of the U.S.  Who would treat a sore throat by slitting an artery?  That sounds highly consistent with all of the above.

What John Boehner knows and doesn't want to admit is that we also have 1% of our population that are dunned for their human souls by the all the "aboves!"  And that drain is where our $17 trillion in debt comes from.  In my next article I will explain how there are really two separate and distinct types of schizophrenics in our world today; research never revealed before!

I still don't know if my theory of the South having more homo's than the North is correct.  But another thing that happened is that during the Civil War the men were stated to have been more sick from VD than from battle wounds!  Now between you and me, if I am in that Civil War I am taking out as many of them newt eyed southerners as fast as I can draw bead on their foreheads; I would not be considering raping women or men along the war path!  And for those of you who think War is no big deal; you should think of it in those terms; armies of VD zombies shacking up in your home and raping your wife, girls, you and dressing your boy's up in dresses and raping them too!  Those are the kinds of people that create a $17 trillion dollar debt; not me!

One final point, I also read that little boys are dressed up as Prostitutes for men in Afghanistan!  It makes my blood boil to think that officers of our American Military might be over their raping boys!  Again that is not being gay it is being the beast that does not belong living with or among human beings!  Your normal and naive woman does not understand or comprehend some of this.

A human being would not consider it normal behavior to dress up a boy in a dress and sell him as a prostitute for men.  But gays think that is gay, and also they believe they are normal.

I consider myself completely normal other than the fact that I hear voices in my head that distract me from perfecting my work in order to make a living from it!  I am a writer and many other things too!  There are many people like me and our work is black balled for the benefit of all the above!

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