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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Obamacare here is what I believe is going on 11 13 2013

Obamacare- here is what I believe is going on.

That Cancellation of Health Insurance Policies is indeed a ploy by the Tea Party Industry to discredit Obamacare!
Bill Clinton, our former President, ought to have kept his face out of Politics and the Polish Snatch too!
To criticize Obamacare because the Tea Party are cancelling Health Insurance Policies that do not meet the standard of coverage is a violation of the Constitution of the United States Bill Clinton was sworn into office to protect!
That cancellation of policies by the Tea Party is a “spoiled sport” tactic!   And Bill Clinton, Dianne Feinstein and Mary Landrieu and jumping in on the “pile on” with the Republicans and the Tea Party.
What Bill Clinton fails to realize is that Health Insurance is a business that makes money!  It makes a large amount of money.  Essentially it is like a Church selling raffle tickets to win a TV set!  They don’t stop selling the tickets or in this case the price is set so high that they guarantee themselves a profit!  Sure you say that health Insurance business’s have the ability to go bankrupt?  Likely only happens after the assets are looted by too high corporate salaries and too many family employees hired.  In which case they Tea Party has an answer for that too!  They mingle it in with other insurance businesses and merge it into a national money center bank like what happened with Travelers Group being bought by Citigroup!  Then they create a mortgage crisis by rigging the London Interbank offer rate (LIBOR) and the United States Taxpayer foots the bill for your health insurance premiums as Citigroup was going bankrupt and needed emergency loans!  The taxpayer paid anyway!
These are democrats that never belonged in Government!  Obama needs to hold firm and not bow to Bill Clinton, Feinstein or Landrieu!
No American should have ever been required to have health insurance as a business model supporting the Tea Party!  What we are finding out is really happening with Obamacare is that Private Insurance Industry was supposed to be covering patients under Obamacare!  Who is that?  That is the same people that sell the policies that they are cancelling today because they are not of the standard of Obamacare!  Do you see where the crook is?  So what we have here is a commitment has been made by private health insurance industry has been made to Obamacare and that same private health insurance industry has a snakes head that is trying to defeat it!  It is being defeated by the actions of the Private Health Insurance industry.
You won’t have to look too far to see who might have made the website not work correctly would you?  Read that last paragraph again!
Website Issues preventing people from receiving health care?
Any American with a broken arm should be able to walk into any doctor and get it fixed!  He can apply for a voucher that can be granted by the Government for the legitimate health care claim afterwards!  That will pay for it.  And maybe if there is some pint of corn whisky a day person that has ample health care insurance who walks into the hospital asking for a new liver to be airmailed same day from a China man executed for his belief in the US Constitution- doesn’t get that treatment covered by any form of insurance whatsoever!
Yeah that’s right the Chinese are executed and their body parts harvested as organ donors for their belief in the United States Constitution!  That is what our health care system amounts to today and why anyone who objects to free health care for all should have been tied in a burlap sack!
That wealthy liver transplant patient takes precedent over what has been termed the blue collar worker!  The white collar worker of today is really a hobo that did not have the intelligence to work and create with his hands!  Blue Collar gets a bad name (although some of it is deserved by the crude actions of the worker) … Blue Collar worker is a little bit of a misnomer.  In the evolution of boy to man one must learn to use their hands to create before they can officiate, adjudicate and make governing decisions over men.  The White Collar worker of today does not possess that understanding because he leap frogged it.  And the blue collar worker of today never had the ambition or the mental acuity to become a respectable white collar type manager!  Plus the fact that any of blue collar intelligence would readily be defeated from climbing the ladder in our society by the white collar worker who lacked that intelligence in envy and therefore sought to prevent their advancement!  It is really projecting a false belief in yourself and what you are capable of that you are not on those that are following a sound path to the American Dream!  And the blue collar worker supports the white collar worker because they both know very well they don’t belong where they are!  It is called maintaining the status quo!  For all the home improvement projects a home contractor has done on your home they should have been done flawlessly and with no mess afterwards!  That would have been the professional standard!  For all the high banking and finance Tea Party salaries your bank account should have grown many fold!   These are lesser standard hobo’s!
So if we are not required to have health insurance it really means that Health Insurance Companies will not be making a profit!  That indeed means that the consumer will be saving money on his/her health care costs.  And health care costs need to be standardized.  Not only that they should be free like in other countries!  In other words if you break your arm you should not go to the doctor because you know you can never afford it; hence your arm turns gang green and has to be removed- and there is another American disabled in the name of for profit health care and the Tea Party that should have all been drowned a long time ago!  I like that so much I will say it again, “The New Tea Party” should have been drowned a long time ago!  And you can put those three Democrats in the Burlap sack with them!  You can throw in Steny Hoyer too and little bartender boy John Boehner also!
And again the issue of Politics comes up whereby they fight over one thing until they defeat it and that indeed takes up 8 years of our national life! It is like they know very well ahead of time the arguments that they can bring forth against anything they agree to at the beginning!  They do not deserve salaries in the U.S. Government!  It is unconstitutional to incite civil unrest!  And bringing moot issues to the forefront amounts to that!  As does obstruction of government by government!  It is really standing in the way of the people!  I will campaign on this promise knowing full well I will never have to deliver on the promise because I have agreed ahead of time to acquiesce (bend over) to your objections!  That is what these weak willed people amount to!  In fact I believe that they should give the United States a rebate for their personal salaries in office when it looks like they were obstructing Government in this manner.
But the main point is that those Health insurance company profits belong to the health of the American Public!
I have one message to those who oppose free health care for all United States Citizens.
“You see those rail road tracks?  Get on them and start walking before the dust behind your feet starts popping!”
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 11 13 2013 at:
Do you know how software companies market their services?  We built a software system for a Private Health Insurance Company so we therefore can also provide the same system for you!  Do you see the conflict of interest?  They make their main money by services the software needs of private industry not the health of the American public.  Gang green arms, and another snatch being put in front of our face!

Got a neat sound to it doesn't it?  "Gang green arms and a snatch to the face."

Really meant to use the word "Gangrene" that is the proper word.

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