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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Operation Iraqi Freedom 11 05 2013

Operation Iraqi Freedom 11 05 2013

Today I visited my fathers grave, he was a WWII veteran.  I walked about 20 feet to the left of his and I saw a mans who had died at about 27 years old in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  His mother was born in about 1958 or 1951 and she had not died yet but had a stone next to his.  There was no father stone!

What is the point?  Iraqi's were free already!  When the war started we saw them dancing around in a disco-tech in the middle east likely Iraq somewhere!  They were rich and they were free and they sill are that same way today!!!!

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And as I am digging into WWII with Hitler and FDR I am seeing a lot of the same stuff in terms of satanic wealth motivation!

It was senseless and it was not done to protect the interests of true American human beings!  Something far worse created these wars!

Oddly enough the names and relationships on those two tombstones corresponded to relatives that I have out West!  Same mother and son first names and but same current husband of the mother as the last name of the mother!  Very odd indeed! Very odd coincidence!

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